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A married teacher performed a sex act on a 15-year-old boy on the driveway of the house she shared with her husband. To the jury, 35-year-old Kandice Barber from Wendover, Bucks also posed nude in her bed while taking pictures of the student. The boy allegedly told his schoolmates that She slept with the mother of three children and showed him a shower selfie as well as a bed photo. The court also said that during a busy lunch break She kissed the victim on the stairs of the school gymnasium, ran to his friends, ‘I just kissed Miss Barber!’ She heard what she wanted him to say. Barber was previously convicted of sending topless photos of himself and a video of himself to the boy, and is now on trial three times for sexual activity with a child. When Barber later appeared to watch him play at a school football match, they described how their suspicions were confirmed and caught the curiosity of both students and teachers. The first male witness who described what the complainant had told him about sex with the teacher said: ‘He said he was in a park near his house, in a field next to a hay bale. What was asked by defense attorney Nadia Chbat? The witness, who said that the complainant said that the sex took place, said, “I blame him.” ‘A second male witness, whose name could not be named for legal reasons, said that the complainant showed him pictures in a shower selfie class showing the Berber’s face and a photo of his bed, which the student claimed he had taken. The second witness, describing the picture, said, ‘I can’t see him, as if they were having sex, I can only see him lying on the bed, his knees folded, his knees bent as if you were pressing. In a police interview, the second child witness added: ‘I was shocked that he told me they had spoken to me before, but I thought it was a fantasy to get along with the teacher, but I didn’t believe it.