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A married teacher who had sex with a 15-year-old schoolboy has been in prison for over six years. Kandice Barber, was found guilty of engaging in or provoking a child after retrial.

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She Is 35 Year Old

Kandice Barber Jailed, Investigation

Married teacher who had sex with a 15-year-old schoolboy on the field, jailed

The Amersham Law Courts jurors heard him telling the boy that if the relationship was discovered, “She would overwhelm him with him.” While working as a school cover clerk, She sent the boy’s topless photos and a ‘live video’ of his masturbation to the boy, who could not be named for legal reasons.
On Friday, Barber from Wendover, Buckinghamshire, appeared at Aylesbury Royal Court, where She was sentenced to six years and two months for crimes described as ‘beyond shame’. Prosecutor David Povall summarized the victim’s statement, who said that he faced stress and anxiety as a result of the events and that She had two hearings. He said: ‘He was at the school and, thanks to his presence in the school, he contacted this defendant who worked in a position of trust. “As a result of the impact these events had on him, he thinks his GCSE results were not as good as they should have been.” Due to lower-than-expected GCSE results, he had to leave his good school and go to a sixth grade college where he had no friends. “In a nutshell, he says the defendant, who needs to help students make the right decisions, helps him make all the wrong decisions.”
Judge, Recorder Bal Dhaliwal, described how Barber added himself to the victim’s Snapchat account in September 2018 and exchanged messages with the sexualized boy within a week. He said: “You posted a topless image and images, including a live video of masturbating. All these actions are tantamount to grooming him, pulling him in, and planning an important part of your part. ” During an incident, court Barber’s He heard that he had asked the boy to meet him, go to a private area and have sex with him. ”The judge continued:“ I have no doubt that you are acting in a gross breach of trust. You took advantage of a child in your care and raised him for your own sexual satisfaction. ”

Barber then told the boy to delete all messages and block him on Snapchat to stop evidence. Recorder Dhaliwal said: “You were determined to silence him as best as you could.” Barber later said that he was pregnant with the young man and he was not sure whether the baby was her husband or her husband.

“This was another attempt by [Barber] to manipulate and control him,” the judge told him, “by the nature of your position you already had authority over him, and you must use threats to bring him down in order to comply.” With your demands to remain silent, which I see you doing, is more than mean in my opinion. Barber was also sentenced to 16 months in prison for causing a child under the age of 16 to monitor the sexual activity of a violator. 10 months in prison for trust and sexual communication, both at the same time as their main sentence. For the rest of his life he will have to report his personal information and address to the police, as well as work with children and vulnerable adults and be subject to a lifelong decision to prevent sexual harm.