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Kalina Collier Wiki

Kalina Collier is a New York woman and JetBlue flight attendant whose Instagram posts gave rise to fears that she was kidnapped or disappeared in Jamaica. However, authorities say the 22-year-old was quarantined on the island after testing positive for COVID-19 when he arrived on January 28, 2021. Collier went to Jamaica with his mother and friends according to his social media posts. She said she was detained against her will in a resort and she was afraid of human trafficking.

On February 14, the Jamaica Constabulary Force said, “Police are advising members of the public to reject rumor information circulating on social and other media that the American National Kalina Collier was abducted in Jamaica. The police claim the information is unfounded and naughty. Collier also made a statement on February 14, stating that he never claimed to have been missing or abducted. Collier said She tested negative for coronavirus after the first positive test, but still had to be quarantined for 14 days at a hotel called Ocean Coral Spring. Collier’s statement posted on Instagram accuses the resort staff and Jamaican authorities of abuse and harassment. Collier was allowed to leave the island on February 14, and he and his mother flew to New York. In a statement to social media on January 14, the police said, “Collier, who tested positive for Covid-19 when She arrived in Jamaica, was placed in the virus isolation. This is in line with Jamaica’s Covid prevention protocols required by the Ministry of Health and Health. She remains in isolation and awaits medical clearance to return home. Meanwhile, representatives of the Ministry of Health, Jamaica Tourist Board, and local police were in contact with her mother, who later came to Jamaica. ”

According to the police statement, Collier “was visited by the local police on Saturday 13 February and is not in any danger at any time. For this reason, the Police are warning people who alleged Collier abduction to give up their social media posts, as posting false information could constitute a criminal offense under the law. “Officials told Jamaica Gleaner that Collier arrived in the country on January 28 and is scheduled to leave on February 1. But on January 30, the COVID-19 antigen test was positive. An hour later, a second test was negative. February 2. According to Gleaner, the resort town of Ocean Coral Spring told Collier that instead of spending that time in a government facility, he could stay in quarantine there for 14 days at no extra cost.

“Our policy at Ocean Coral Spring is to facilitate COVID-19 testing at the facility by approved medical providers, and if one of our guests turns positive, we will extend 14 days free accommodation for quarantine and a discounted rate for any companion who makes the decision. Sales manager Tanesha Clarke said, ‘The Gleaner’ a, to stay with the affected guest. ”While staying at the hotel, Collier posted Instagram videos that he was mistreated, detained against his will and feared that he would be kidnapped or kidnapped and sold to sex trafficking. Social media pages such as “Find Kalina Collier” and “Save Kalina Collier” popped up. First, she is not lost, she is safe, and all the courtesy of the hotel crew is being extended. She gets room service every day at all meals; and has direct contact with the medical provider in the resort – Hospiten; “Trelawny has contact with the local public health representative,” Clarke told The Gleaner.

The resort, police and Jamaican officials said Collier was not in any danger, but said She was harassed, mistreated and forced to make a statement on social media. Collier wrote on Instagram on February 14: “ Following my negative COVID test, the hotel started covering the tracks when words were heard and for the rest of my ‘quarantine’ forced me to stay at the resort to make a statement, to save face for them, was harassed by the hotel. Basically to make everything I say seem like a lie. I’m here to tell you that nothing I say is a lie. ”

“These people will say anything to save your face. They leaked the phone numbers of my friends and my mother who went on a trip with me. I understand that I went live and asked for help, but my story is starting to tell for me now and I won’t have it. I have repeatedly told the public that I am not missing. They sent the police to give me an explanation for a remedy that was unfair to me from the very beginning. ”

Collier posted a post on Instagram on February 8 to say that his mother and himself were not missing, appealing to rumors that spread after Instagram Live posts.

Thank you for your interest. My mom’s and my missing claim is wrong, ”she wrote. In his article on February 14, “I have it. told me that a long time ago I was never lost or abducted. I tried to keep quiet because this is something to legally deal with and the reaction is totally overwhelming. … I know my truth and I don’t need anyone’s approval here or anywhere. The proof is in the pudding and I have nothing more to say about this condition. Thank you for those who are really worried. ”

When Collier arrived at the airport to return to New York, he was greeted by Odette Dire, a Jamaican tourism official, and said he “harassed my mother and me every day”. She said that Dire followed them to the airport, asked them for a statement, and “started taking unnecessary pictures of my mom and me.” was forcing me to say my life was fake. My family and friends have been harassed by countless trolls and nasty sick people on the internet. “Collier, a Queens resident, according to his Instagram profile, is a chef and graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, as well as working as a flight attendant for JetBlue Airways. He runs his own bakery company Kalian’s Kitchen, according to his social media page.

JetBlue did not make a statement about Collier. The US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica, told the Jamaica Observer that it was aware of reports that “recently traveled to Jamaica and claimed they were being held against the will of the person”. The embassy said, “The US government provides all appropriate consular services to US citizens in emergencies abroad, and fully investigates allegations of illegal detention; however, due to the Privacy Act of 1974, we cannot provide any information about a US citizen without their written consent. ”

On Twitter, where Collier received support and concern after his first videos went viral, he has now become the target of scorn, anger, and calls for blaming him. “Trafficking in Human Beings IS A REAL PROBLEM. Girls, boys and women are always faced with this problem. @Mamachell, a blogger from Kingston, wrote on Feb. 14.”

Ingrid Riley, a Jamaican digital media entrepreneur, tweeted, “They should take # KalinaCollier from the public mischief. They MUST apologize to the country of Jamaica for the reputation damage caused by their LIES. Please DON’T COME again. Jamaica is NOT free for all beneficiaries.