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Kadance Ciera Hooper is an Alabama mother who disappeared with her two children on February 16, and police have expressed concern that she might also risk her own life. They disappeared in New Brockton, a small town in Coffee County in the southeastern part of the state.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, authorities say Hooper believed She was armed and warned anyone who came across him to be careful. The Alabama Police Service warns that Hooper, including the missing person, may be living in a situation that could “overturn his decision.”
Hooper Takes His Older Son from School in New Brockton on February 16 and Hasn’t Been Seen Since
Hooper is believed to have left New Brockton with her two sons, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

ABC member WDHN-TV reported that Hooper’s eldest son was picked up from school at around 3:30 pm on February 16, citing police as a reason. 6-year-old Hollister Lee Hooper attends New Brockton Primary School. The outlet reported that Hooper’s baby was next to Thomas Reagan Hooper. Hooper is believed to have driven a 2017 white Nissan Rogue, according to the Alabama Police Service. The vehicle has an Alabama plate and the number is NYD337.

According to a photo posted on Facebook by Steven Hooper, her husband and father of children, the license plate of the vehicle is bright yellow with the words “Don’t press me” under it. Law enforcement has difficulty determining Hooper’s whereabouts, partly because he has turned off his cell phone. Steven Hooper wrote on Facebook that he and other family members were trying to contact him unluckily. In response to a question about where Kadance Hooper might have taken the kids, Steven Hooper said, “Nobody knows. He had no contact with any of his friends or family members. The phone has been off since Tuesday. No family, no friends, and no school contact. ”

Steven Hooper asked everyone who saw the post to share it and keep an eye on their son. Authorities expressed concern that Hooper’s two children could pose a danger to himself, as well as to him. CBS member WTVY-TV, citing New Brockton Police Chief Dale Grimes, reported that Hooper believed he was armed. WDHN-TV also reported that Hooper had two guns in hand during take-off.

The Alabama Police Department noted in the missing person report that Hooper’s had a situation that could overturn his decision. Grimes said WTVY-TV Hooper suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis adversely affects the central nervous system, according to the Mayo Clinic. Patients may lose the ability to walk, experience paralysis and blurred vision. The Mayo Clinic explains that the disease also has potential mental side effects such as depression, mood swings, and forgetfulness. Kadance Hooper is 29 years old, standing around 5’7 ″ and weighing around 150 pounds. The Alabama Police Service and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children described him as brown-haired and brown-eyed. However, Hooper’s widely shared images depict him with blonde hair.

His elder son Hollister Lee Hooper is 6 years old. He has red hair and brown eyes. He’s about four feet tall and about 45 pounds. Her dad added on Facebook that Hollister is currently missing two front teeth.

The little boy is Thomas Reagan Hooper. He will be 2 years old in June. Thomas has blond hair and blue eyes. Authorities have yet to share any clues as to where Hooper is headed. A study of online records shows that he may have a family in Arkansas.

Hooper’s father, Benjamin Edward Etzkorn Jr., passed away in May 2016. According to the obituary, Barling lived in Arkansas. Hooper and his son Hollister were mentioned in the obituary, but Hooper’s mother was not referenced.

Hooper’s grandfather, Benjamin Etzkorn Sr., passed away in March 2020. Kadance Hooper and her husband Steven were mentioned in the obituary. Obit noted that Etzkorn Sr. has 10 grandchildren.