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The young man was stabbed to death four years ago near the place where his brother was killed.
The victims’ cousin confirmed that 18-year-old Junior Jah lost his brother Ahmed in a fatal stabbing in Canning Town.

More Facts You Need To Know

Today, an 18-year-old boy was stabbed to death near the scene where his brother died four years ago. Junior Jah, the cousin of the victims, confirmed that he lost his brother Ahmed in a fatal stabbing in Canning Town.

Ahmed Jah was stabbed to death in 2017, just a few hundred meters from where Junior, also known as Y. Grinna, was stabbed on Coolfin Road shortly before 14:45 today.

Yvette Goodhew, an aunt from Stratford, told MyLondon: “He was a nice quiet boy. He had just turned 18.

“We didn’t see the family very often, but I remembered he was a good boy.” Emergency services rushed to the scene and struggled hard to save him but sadly died on East London street.

No arrests have been made so far.

The police also urges anyone with knowledge to stand out.

Ahmed, also known as the Grinna, was 21 years old when he died on April 3, 2017 after being attacked less than 50 meters from his family’s home in Canning Town.

Ahmed was going to buy soft drinks from the local shop when he was attacked by a group of men who stabbed him in the chest.

He was the oldest of four brothers.

His father, Abubakarr Jah, a railway construction worker, told the Evening Standard at the time: “The young people have to put down their blades and stop the violence. It destroys families and communities. “He added:” He was a nice, kind boy. He wanted to do something about his life. Now we’ve lost him. He didn’t deserve it to happen. ”

An uncle said that Ahmed knew that his father “heard the sirens and saw the helicopter upstairs and something was wrong”, but did not understand that he was his son “until the detectives came to his door”.

Tribute was paid to the brothers on social media this evening, and those who knew them gather in the area where Junior was killed.