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The body of Julia James was found in Akholt Wood in Snowdown, near Dover, on Tuesday.

Kent Police said She died of “serious head injuries” and a murder investigation is under way.

“There are no words that adequately describe the emptiness left in our lives,” his family said in a statement. She said.

“It was naturally very funny, with a brilliant sense of humor,” they added.

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She Was 53 Year Old

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The family of a police community support officer who was found dead in the woods said he was “extremely loyal” and “loved wholeheartedly”. The officer, whose body was found a few hundred meters from his home, was taking her dog for a walk when She was killed. The pet was found undamaged at the scene.

She joined the Force in 2008 as a PCSO and recently worked with victims of domestic abuse while in Canterbury.

The police said that James worked from home the day She died and did not wear a uniform when She was found.

His family said they were “trying to figure out how to navigate our lives without it,” and added: “This seems like an impossible task.”

Her family said she was a “very loyal” wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister and friend, “loved with all the heart.”

“Nothing was too much trouble for the people he cared about,” the statement said. Deputy police chief Tom Richards said She was a “devoted” PCSO “well-loved by his colleagues and members of the public”.

“We’re all ruined by what happened,” he added.

Police said the officers would remain in the area “at least until the beginning of next week”.

Officers were seen walking in queues in the fields near his home on Friday.

Mr. Richards said that residents “must remain vigilant until all the conditions of death are met”.

The police said they could not rule out the possibility of Ms. James being attacked by a stranger, but they were investigating “all possibilities in terms of reason and suspects”.

His family urged anyone with knowledge, no matter “how small or insignificant”, to contact the police.

“You can help us get justice for Julia,” they said.


Police said during the autopsy examination on Thursday that Ms. James died of blunt trauma.