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Juli Mazi is a California naturopathic doctor accused of selling fake COVID-19 vaccine cards and “vaccination pellets” to her patients. Federal prosecutors said the Napa woman was accused of making false statements regarding electronic fraud and health issues in the coronavirus plan.

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She Is 41 Year Old

Juli Mazi Doctor Sold Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards, Investigation & More Facts

Mazi was charged in the U.S. Region of Northern California on July 14, 2021, as indicated by an official statement and criminal protest from the U.S. Lawyer’s office. “The case is the primary government criminal misrepresentation indictment identified with homeoprophylaxis inoculations and deceitful Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 immunization record cards,” examiners said in the delivery. Government specialists started investigating Mazi in April 2021 in the wake of getting a tip. An individual detailed in a protest that their relatives had bought COVID-19 inoculation record cards from Mazi, examiners said. “This respondent supposedly duped and jeopardized the general population by going after feelings of trepidation and spreading falsehood about FDA-approved inoculations, while additionally selling counterfeit medicines that put individuals’ lives in danger. Far more terrible, the litigant supposedly made fake COVID-19 immunization cards and educated her clients to erroneously check that they had gotten an antibody, permitting them to evade endeavors to contain the spread of the infection,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco said in an articulation. “The Department of Justice and its law requirement accomplices are focused on shielding the American individuals from fraudsters during this public crisis. This responsibility is obvious in this arraignment just as in the continuous work of the Department and our office accomplices in the COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement Task Force set up by the Attorney General recently.”

Acting U.S. Lawyer for the Northern District of California Stephanie Hinds said in an explanation, “Directing through the difficulties introduced by COVID-19 requires trust and dependence on our clinical experts to give sage data and direction. As indicated by the grievance, rather than scattering substantial cures and data, Juli Mazi benefitted from unlawfully hawking unapproved cures, working up bogus apprehensions, and producing counterfeit confirmation of inoculations. We will act to ensure trust in the clinical improvements that are empowering us to rise up out of the issues introduced by the pandemic.”

Mazi stays in authority after her capture. The homeopathic specialist couldn’t be gone after remark by Heavy and it was not promptly clear in the event that she has recruited a lawyer who could talk for her benefit. It was likewise not known when she is booked to show up in court.

As indicated by examiners, an insider called the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General hotline in April 2021 to document a report about Mazi. As per the public statement:

The complainant expressed that the relatives had advised her/him that Mazi expressed that the pellets contained the COVID-19 infection and would make a counter acting agent reaction in the invulnerable framework. The complainant detailed that her/his family didn’t get infusions of any of the three FDA-approved COVID-19 immunizations. Be that as it may, regarding the conveyance of the homeoprophylaxis inoculation pellets, Mazi sent COVID-19 Vaccination Record cards, with Moderna recorded, to the complainant family. Mazi supposedly educated the complainant family to stamp the cards to dishonestly express that they got the Moderna antibody on the date that they ingested the COVID-19 homeoprophylaxis inoculation pellets.

As per court records, Mazi offered homeoprophylaxis inoculations for youth sicknesses that she erroneously guaranteed would fulfill the vaccination necessities for California schools, and misrepresented vaccination cards that were put together by guardians to California schools. Homeoprophylaxis includes the openness of a person to weaken measures of an infection, purportedly to invigorate the invulnerable framework and give invulnerability. Mazi is asserted to have erroneously guaranteed that orally ingesting pellets with limited quantities of COVID-19 would bring about full deep rooted resistance from COVID-19.

Investigators say Mazi exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to extend her prior inoculation conspire by selling vaccination pellets that she deceitfully guaranteed, in composed archives and consensually observed accounts, would give ‘deep rooted insusceptibility to COVID-19.'” According to the objection, Mazi dishonestly told patients the pellets she was selling for $243 contained a “exact moment sum” of COVID-19 and that would bring about “contaminations side effects” of the Covid that would “naturally banner the safe framework’s consideration, inciting resistance.”

As indicated by the investigators’ official statement, “To urge clients to buy the pellets, Mazi supposedly misused disinformation and dread by erroneously asserting that the FDA-approved COVID-19 antibodies contain ‘harmful fixings.’ Mazi further expressed that her clients could give the pellets to kids to COVID-19 insusceptibility, and that the ‘portion is really something very similar for children.'”

Mazi is blamed for giving CDC COVID-19 inoculation record cards to her clients and giving them directions on the most proficient method to falsely round out the cards to cause it to seem they had gotten two portions of the Moderna antibody. “As a feature of her plan, Mazi gave clients explicit Moderna immunization parcel numbers to enter onto the cards and with guidance on the most proficient method to choose the indicated dates on which they had gotten the Moderna antibodies to avoid doubt,” examiners said.

Mazi Started Her Own Office in Napa in 2019 After Working Previously as a Naturopathic Doctor at Thrive Natural Medicine and the Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center

Mazi is an authorized naturopathic specialist in the province of California and runs her Napa office, “Juli Mazi, ND, a Naturopathic Doctor Corporation.” According to California law, a permit “requires (1) proof of having moved on from one of the four-year certify naturopathic clinical schools, (2) a passing NPLEX score, (3) culmination and accommodation of use for California licensure, which might be acquired from the Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine in Sacramento, CA. Licensure doesn’t as of now require section of California explicit board tests. Residencies are not a current prerequisite.”

As indicated by the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, “With the entry of SB907, NDs acquired the capacity to rehearse medication in California. Albeit this was an incredible triumph for our calling, to guarantee that licensure happened, we needed to make some underlying trade offs. Therefore, our capacity to rehearse medication to the full degree of our preparation is as of now to some degree limited, however we are chipping away at evolving this.” The affiliation says NDs can allude to themselves as specialists, perform physical and gynecological tests, request lab tests and indicative and imaging examines, analyze, treat with diet, spices, supplements, homeopathic, hydrotherapy and neuromuscular procedure, endorse normal and manufactured chemicals and recommend plan IV-V controlled substances under the management of a MD or DO.

Be that as it may, naturopathic specialists can’t distinguish themselves as a doctor or endorse Schedule I-II medications, among different limitations.

Mazi moved on from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, in 2012. The school says on a graduated class spotlight part of its site, “Her own involvement in clinical school at NUNM dissipates a few legends about naturopathic medication: that it is a lot of ‘hippy, hearty specialists.’ Instead, Dr. Mazi finished four years of thorough clinical school and board accreditations. Like all ND graduates from NUNM, she went through broad preparing of cutting edge sciences, utilitarian medication, and elective medication and treatments to treat the entire individual.”

As per her LinkedIn profile, Mazi was a naturopathic specialist at the Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center from 2012 to 2013 and afterward worked at Thrive Natural Medicine in SOquel, California, from 2013 until 2019, when she moved her training to Napa.

Mazi told the Napa Valley Register in 2019, “I generally needed to be a naturopath.” The paper stated, “Her soul of examination woke up when she found her solid association with the plant world, she said. Interested by sustenance and the therapeutic properties of food and spices, Mazi said she explored different avenues regarding different weight control plans, and looked out outlandish organic products, vegetables, and spices to find their belongings for herself.”

Mazi told the Napa Valley Register, “Individuals simply consider us sort of hippy, natural specialists where we really have similar preparing as clinical specialists. … We complete four years of pre-drug and four years of clinical school. Naturopathic specialists have two additional long stretches of educational plan pressed into our four-year doctorate schooling.”

She told the paper she generally utilizes drugs “if all else fails,” adding, “Most drugs are really gotten from home grown meds, searching for the dynamic fixing in plants when actually the dynamic fixing is the entire plant. A genuine model is ibuprofen, which is gotten from white willow. Taking headache medicine long haul makes a wide range of issues, which you don’t have when you take high portions of white willow. There is something in particular about the entire plant which is more mending than simply the subordinate.”

Mazi Website

Mazi composed on her site, “An extraordinary encounter drove her to pick naturopathic medication when she was in school. She went gaga for a young fellow with cystic fibrosis and saw the disappointment of the ordinary clinical science to help him. She started exploring regular medicines and together they attempted different regimens, including physiotherapy, spices, and nutrient mineral treatment, however, as Dr. Mazi unfortunately reviews, ‘His drug load made it unimaginable for him to genuinely flourish.’ It was this experience that propelled Juli to seek after regular medication.”

Mazi moved on from Portland State University with an undergrad and graduate degree in correspondence considers, as indicated by her LinkedIn profile.

Her site says, “Dr. Mazi comes from a group of outstanding instructors. Her granddad, Stephen E. Epler, established both Portland State University and Ohlone College; her grandma was a secondary teacher for a long time, her mom showed kindergarten for a very long time, and her dad was a school educator, who worked with understudies on their doctoral postulations. Dr. Mazi shares her family’s energy to teach.”

Mazi composed on her site, “When somebody has information and comprehension of their medical issue—and the variety of all encompassing and non-poisonous treatments that are accessible to them, that patient is presently in charge of their own mending.”

Her training incorporates traditional homeopathy, gynecology and ladies’ wellbeing, intense consideration, geriatric consideration, herbal medication, state of mind and conduct medication, IV treatment, pediatrics, men’s wellbeing, stomach related wellbeing, distress recuperation, adjuvant malignancy care and autoimmunity. Mazi, as per her site, lives with her accomplice. Her site states, “Dr. Mazi and her accomplice, love preparing therapeutic dinners and appreciate climbing, setting up camp and investigating the ravishing idea of California’s beach front scene. Dr. Mazi is particularly motivated to make music, another of her mending modalities, and she appreciates singing and moving. She has a profound love of craftsmanship in its numerous structures including medication.” Her Facebook profile shows she is the mother of a youngster girl.

Mazi has posted frequently about her political perspectives on Facebook over the previous year, communicating support for President Joe Biden and different Democrats and her resistance to previous President Donald Trump and Republicans. Her posts likewise incorporate supportive of science and favorable to veil sees, however she shared a post in September 2020 about worries over surging out a Covid immunization.

Mazi wrote in October 2020, “Anticipating the aftereffects of this political race, I wind up impulsively checking the most refreshed survey results. I dread an existence where Trump is reappointed. I realized it would be awful when he at first became president, however I NEVER figured it would straightforwardly affect my own life so seriously. Each time I see a Trump ally, I have an instinctive response, I truly feel debilitated over it. I can’t see how ANYONE can uphold somebody who is a white supremist, bigot, chauvinist, xenophobic, homophobic, ageist, pedophilia supporting, narcissistic, destroyer of our planet. I’m pausing my breathing till this political race is finished, I’m keeping the confidence, holding the space, saying the supplications. The torment he has caused feels thick in the aggregate and I’m cheerful Biden and his organization can fix the greater part of the harm that has been done ” Mazi is being held at the Santa Rita Jail, as indicated by Alameda County Sheriff’s Office records, forthcoming her first appearance in government court.

Examiners said in the official statement, “Mazi is accused of wire misrepresentation, disregarding 18 U.S.C. § 1343, and offering bogus expressions identified with wellbeing case, infringing upon 18 U.S.C. § 1035. Whenever indicted, Mazi faces a most extreme legal jail sentence of 20 years for the wire extortion charge and 5 years for the bogus assertions charge. Likewise, each charge conveys a greatest $250,000 fine and 3 years of directed delivery. Notwithstanding, any sentence following conviction would be forced by the court after thought of the U.S. Condemning Guidelines and the government resolution administering the burden of a sentence, 18 U.S.C. § 3553.” If indicted, Mazi would not probably face the most elevated conceivable jail term.

The case is being explored by the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s San Francisco Regional Office and the FBI’s San Francisco Field Office, as per examiners. “Collaborator U.S. Lawyer Christiaan Highsmith of the U.S. Lawyer’s Office for the Northern District of California and Trial Attorney Sridhar Babu Kaza of the Department of Justice Criminal Division Fraud Section’s National Rapid Response Strike Force are arraigning the situation. The case was acquired coordination with the Health Care Fraud Unit’s COVID-19 Interagency Working Group, which is led by the National Rapid Response Strike Force and arranges endeavors to address criminal behavior including medical care programs during the pandemic,” investigators said.

“This specialist abused the exceptionally significant trust people in general reaches out to medical services experts — when respectability is required the most. Working intimately with our law implementation accomplices, our organization will keep on researching such fraudsters who wildly jeopardize the general’s wellbeing during the extraordinary COVID-19 emergency,” Special Agent in Charge Steven J. Ryan of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG) said in an articulation.

Specialist in Charge Craig D. Reasonable of the FBI’s San Francisco Field Office included an explanation, “Spreading wrong or bogus clinical data about COVID-19 for individual addition, as the grievance affirms, is risky and just seeds doubt among the general population. As the public authority keeps on attempting to give current and precise data to assist with easing back the spread of COVID-19, the FBI will keep on pursueing the individuals who endeavor to deceitfully benefit from spreading deception and giving bogus documentation.”

Investigators included the public statement:

In May, the Attorney General set up the COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement Task Force to marshal the assets of the Department of Justice in organization with offices across government to upgrade ef