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Judson Albahm man who was shot and killed by police on Thursday in Jamesville.

Judson’s identity verified on Syracuse.com | It was used by two law enforcement sources in Post-Standard and its name for 911 center shipments to the police.

According to public property records, the call that led to his death began on 4372 Apulia Road, a residence belonging to the Albahm family.

Judson Albahm Age

was identified as a 17-year-old

Judson Albahm killed

It was announced that Judson died Thursday afternoon after being shot by multiple police officers along Apulia Road at the scene. Judson pulled out what the police believed to be a gun and told officers, the state police, and the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office testimony.

The event started around 12:30. On Thursday, the teen’s mother spoke to a 911 officer who passed the information to the responding police officers.

“He says his son Judson Albahm, a 17-year-old boy, used a white Ford Fusion,” the dispatcher said. “He came out two minutes ago after hitting the caller’s vehicle.”

Later, the officers warned that “Judson”, as he was called, had a history of emotional discomfort and armed forces.

During the call, the officer told the police that Judson had an airsoft gun and had threatened to “commit suicide by the police” in the past. An airsoft gun, also called an air gun or pellet gun, will not fire bullets. It is used in simulated shooting sports. Often mimics the size and shape of a real gun. The exact brand and model of Judson’s airsoft gun has not been disclosed by the police.

Law enforcement did not publicly identify the young man. The police just said he was “armed with a weapon that looked like a pistol.” At 12:30 pm, the police were summoned to the Jamesville residence on Apulia Road just south of Coye Road. Thursday afternoon. The sheriff’s spokesman, Sergeant, said that when the police arrived at the scene, St. Joseph had the Comprehensive Mobile Psychiatric Crisis Outreach Team. Jon Seeber said in a news release Thursday night.

Police said the teenager refused to follow the police’s orders and fled the officers with a weapon that looked like a pistol.

The police removed what was believed to be a weapon, causing the officers to open fire and kill the young man, while the officers were shutting down the young man.

The identity of the officers involved in the conflict has not yet been determined.