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A man was arrested for the shooting murder of a 10-year-old boy in Queens.

Justin Wallace was standing outside a relative’s home Saturday when he was shot in the stomach during an alleged argument over a shared driveway.

On Tuesday, 29-year-old Jovan Young was arrested and charged with murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, New York police said.
The arrest came on what would have been Justin’s 11th birthday.

Cops recovered a gun tied to the person, who is awaiting prosecution, ‘The New York Post reported, citing law enforcement sources.

Footage from Tuesday night showed a handcuffed young man being led from the 101st Precinct command by officers.

Young is accused of shooting Justin and his 29-year-old cousin Kyle Forrester, who was hit in the shoulder and is expected to survive.

The shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. at 342 Beach 45 Street in the Edgemere neighborhood of Queens.

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He Is 29 Year old

Jovan Young Arrest, Investigation

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  • Jovan Young, 29, was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday night.
  • He also faces two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, the NYPD said.
  • He is suspected of shooting and killing 10-year-old Justin Wallace in Queens.
  • Wallace was shot around 9:30 p.m. Saturday over what was believed to be a dispute over a shared driveway.
  • His cousin, Kyle Forrester, 29, was hit in the shoulder and is expected to recover Wallace’s father said that he had taken his son to the beach that day and that he was leaving a family barbecue when Justin was shot.
  • Police released a video of the shooting in which a suspect can be seen shooting eight times at the home where Justin was.
  • Data from the New York Police Department shows that gun violence and shooting victims continue to rise even as the number of murders declined during the week of May 24-30.

Friends and family mourned the senseless murder, believed to have been sparked by a dispute over a driveway that Wallace’s relatives share with a next-door neighbor.

Can you imagine it, man? Three days before his birthday, ” Justin’s father, Albert Wallace, who witnessed the murder, told the New York Daily News. ‘I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this … For a driveway? Are you going to kill my son for stupid things?

Speaking before Young’s arrest, Albert told the outlet that he believed the attacker had been a next-door neighbor, with whom his nephew had gotten into a fight earlier in the night.

However, law enforcement sources said they had ruled out the suspect but still believed the shooting was somehow related to the dispute over the shared driveway and its maintenance.

Police released chilling footage of the shooting, which begins with a dark-colored van that investigators said was believed at the time to be related to the crime.

It is not clear if or how the vehicle can be linked to Young.

The footage shows a man in a gray camouflage jacket with a sliver of a white T-shirt poking out from underneath. He also wears black pants and black sneakers.

The video appears to again cut a man running towards a black fence. He inserts a pistol through an opening and fires several times.

Eight flashes of light come from the gun before the suspect runs out of the frame.

Speaking before news of Young’s arrest broke, Justin’s father, Albert, 57, recalled Saturday’s events, which began with a celebratory trip to the beach with his son and a schoolmate. .

The trip was the family’s first outing to the beach since the confinement.
He said “Listen, let’s go!” Because with the situation of the pandemic these children do not leave home. So that’s why I said, let me make it my duty to take him, because that’s where he wants to go, ‘Albert recalled.

‘They were all there, playing. An hour turned into four hours. I said, ‘You know what? You need this’. I said, “Okay, have fun, son.”

After the beach, Albert and Justin headed to a family barbecue, the Daily News reported, but Albert said they raided the basement of the home to check on a maintenance issue as they left.

‘That’s when I turned around with my son,’ he said. “If I didn’t go back, my son would be alive today.”

Justin was standing in the doorway when the gunman opened fire. Hearing the gunshots, Albert ran upstairs to see Forrester lying in a pool of blood. Beyond him was Justin.

“ I see my son lying in the doorway, huddled, ” he said. When I turn it over, I see this pool of blood. And I say, “No, no, no.” And at that point I heard a [sigh], so I don’t know, that could probably be the last breath he took, because he had internal bleeding. ‘

Police said Justin was rushed to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Carleada Lee, Justin’s classmate, was one of those who left flowers and other mementos outside the house where he died.

‘He never left me sad. He’s always had a smile and he’s always had a good personality, ” she told the Daily Mail. “He was always friends with everyone.”

Lee said that she had last spoken to Justin on the day of his death.

He had texted her, ‘rawr I’m a dinosaur,’ she said.

When, on Sunday, she found out what had happened to Justin, she said that he started crying and “was feeling miserable.”

When she was asked what she thought of the person who killed her friend, she was speechless, but for Justin, she said, ‘I miss him and hope he’s in a good place.’

Albert also said that her son was known for her kindness and jovial demeanor, as well as her intelligence, noting that her nickname was “calculator” because of her love of mathematics.

“My son is a people person,” she said. “He doesn’t care if you’re white, black, whatever it is.” He is there for you. He’s charming, he’s loving, he’s so smart. ‘