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Spring break from Indiana faces multiple charges, including inciting a riot and violating a curfew, according to Miami Beach police. The 30-year-old was identified as Jovan Washington, and the police tried to “persuade” the “rebel crowd” of hundreds to ignore the orders of the officers trying to control them over the weekend.

The Miami Beach Police Department had to intervene at around 8:30 pm on Sunday, March 21, as it responded to numerous 911 calls regarding “overcrowding” in the 8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue area. Reportedly, about 400 to 500 people had gathered in the area. The crowd has been accused of blocking roads, damaging property, smoking marijuana, among other things.

Police officers said they first contacted Washington via 6th Street and Euclid Avenue. According to his reports, they saw him blasting music from the loudspeakers and allegedly “encouraging the rebel crowd to disobey the police’s orders.”

They reportedly observed people jumping up and down from vehicles, dents on roofs and smashing windshields, “seducing the crowd with music from the speakers.” According to Fox News, police also said they observed many people making “obscene” gestures and mocking officers.

Washington was accused by the crowd of “provoking” by the crowd to be “enemies” of “greatly outnumbered” officials. The police then confiscated Washington’s speaker and arrested him. According to his Facebook profile, Washington works for the band JAE MURDA; it is not clear whether he is a student or not.

However, when he first appeared in court, Washington reportedly told the judge “my speaker wasn’t even that loud. He deposited a $ 2,500 bond on Tuesday, March 23rd. Police waited until the situation improved to catch Washington, according to local 10 reports. Authorities said at least five Miami Beach police officers were injured during the weekend turmoil. “It’s been a really dangerous week. We’ve seen a lot of fights, we’ve seen a lot of disturbing viral social media videos, and as a police department we don’t deny that,” said Officer Ernesto Rodriguez. The police had to throw pepper balls at the crowd to contain the chaos. Reportedly, more than 1000 arrests were made and close to 100 weapons were seized from tourists. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew at 8 pm. The city witnessed a crowd “more than it could handle”. “Without the intention of following the rules, there are really too many people coming in, and the result has been a level of chaos and disorder, it’s just something more than we can stand.”

After several arrests on Sunday morning, police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez said, “The officers started dispersing the crowd at 8pm and eventually reached a satisfactory level of compliance.” Said.