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Joseph W. Fischer Wiki

The FBI said that Joseph W. Fischer posted a video of himself in the riot and conveyed that he “did not regret” joining a friend. The FBI said that a police officer in Pennsylvania posted a video and texted a friend while accusing the Capitol Police line. He had “no regrets” about his participation in the Capitol rebellion.

Joseph W. Fischer of Jonestown, Pennsylvania, was arrested Friday on several charges, including the obstruction of law enforcement during civil unrest, entering a restricted building or non-legal grounds, violent entry and irregular behavior, and obstructing justice / Congress. Fischer, a patrol officer at the North Cornwall County Police Department in Pennsylvania, posted videos on his Facebook page on January 6 showing that he was involved in an allegation at the Capitol Police lines in the Capitol building, according to a criminal complaint filed in the federal court.

In the video, the FBI says Fischer told him that he was picking pepper and sprayed with tear gas, but inside the building is “second level”.

In a separate post, the FBI says Fischer wrote: “There was some minor destruction and a few things were stolen…. But 98% peaceful… I was there… we pushed the police 25 feet back. Pepper was picked up and OC sprayed, but it was necessary to enter the Capital to send a message that we humans had real power.


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