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Joseph Capriati WIki – Stabbed DJ Attacked by His Father Police  Reports

Police said Italian DJ Joseph Capriati was hospitalized on Friday (January 8th) after he was stabbed by his father during an argument. La Repubblica reported that Capriati was taken to the Sant’Anna e San Sebastiano Hospital in Caserta, just north of Naples, Italy, after being stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife.

Although early reports showed that his injuries were severe and that the 33-year-old Capriati had a deep stab wound in his lungs that required pneumothorax surgery (for a collapsed lung) and blood transfusion, the management team made a statement saying his wounds were not life. threatening: “Thank you all for your love to Joseph,” Capriati’s management company said in a brief statement published on January 9. Fans, colleagues, DJs and friends. We would like to assure you that Joseph’s injuries are not life-threatening and that you all hugged all of them big and warmly. Thank you all.”


* Capriati Was Stabbed by His Father During a Family Argument Involving His Mother, According to Investigation Reports

La Repubblica wrote that Capriati, a native of Caserta, Italy, generally lived and worked in Spain but lived with his family in Caserta during the COVID-19 outbreak. According to the outlet, the incident occurred during an argument between Capriati and his mother that broke out on January 8th.

The debut reported that the DJ’s father was trying to interfere in the discussion, and at this point Capriati punched his father in the face. La Repubblica reported that Capriati’s father responded by stabbing his son. DJ’s brother also witnessed the argument.

The outlet wrote that Capriati’s condition was “slowly improving”, and Capriati’s 61-year-old father is currently arrested in Caserta for the attempted murder. La Repubblica said that his father had no criminal convictions.

Born as Giuseppe Capriati, Capriati began his career as a DJ and producer in his hometown of Caserta, due in 2007. He is now best known for the remix “Terra” and “Fugitives”. Over 2 million streams on Spotify. RA described the DJ’s brand as “slick and emotional techno delivered with sensitive, talented and infectious energy” and Capriati as “the hallmark of the global club and festival circuit”.

Capriati is known as a touring DJ, and he sometimes gave as many as 150 concerts each year with a “smile on his face” every year. The debut concluded that Capriati “is the torch for the Italian techno voice around the world, bringing many new fans to the genre in general”.

Following the news of the hospitalization, many artists took to social media to send their good wishes and support the DJ in his recovery. DJ Jamie Jones said, “I send love out and pray for the health of my dear brother @ josephcapriati. Keep fighting with J !! This morning is in complete shock. “DJ Darius Syrossian,” I pray for @josephcapriati. As seen on the WAFF page, he is now stable now, hopefully he is a true, fast recovery friend.


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