Who Is Jose Iraheta Palacios ? Wiki, Bio, Age, Killed Girlfriend Claudia Menjivar & Her Children & More Facts

Who Is Jose Iraheta Palacios ?

A man who leaped to his demise from a parking structure last end of the week in the wake of admitting to killing his better half and her two small kids was an indicted part for the savage MS-13 group living in the US wrongfully who had recently been expelled.

Court records show that Jose Iraheta Palacios would in any case have been in the slammer on Saturday if a large portion of a nine-year jail sentence not been suspended by an appointed authority who then, at that point requested him extradited in 2017.


  • Jose Iraheta Palacios, purportedly killed sweetheart Claudia Menjivar, 34, and her youngsters, Carlos Josue Gutierrez, 10, and Dayana Gutierrez, 12


  • Palacios leaped to his demise from Reston, Virginia, parking structure subsequent to admitting to the homicides, which he said followed column over treachery


  • Court records show Palacios was living in US unlawfully and was an indicted part for MS-13 pack


  • He served two years out of nine-year jail sentence prior to being expelled, yet later got back to US


  • Menjivar was mother of-three from El Salvador who was functioning as an inn servant to accommodate her kids, including child, 16, living back home


Girl Dayana was killed on the morning of her twelfth birthday

Jose Iraheta Palacios Age

He Is 32 Year Old

Jose Iraheta Palacios Suspected of killing his girlfriend and her two children, Investigation

He purportedly told police that he had killed his better half, Claudia Menjivar, 34, during a contention about a presumed betrayal, alongside her two youngsters, 10-year-old Carlos Josue Gutierrez and his sister, Dayana Gutierrez, who was turning 12 that day.

The mother and kids were killed while preparing for Dayana’s birthday festivity. Notwithstanding officials’ endeavors to prevent Palacios from ending it all, he wound up jumping to his demise.

Police then, at that point hurried to Menjivar’s condo in the 500 square of Florida Avenue in Herndon and found the assortments of Menjivar and her youngsters.

Police have not uncovered how the casualties passed on, however Herndon Police Chief Maggie DeBoard said the scene inside the loft was ‘awful.’

As indicated by announcing by Fox 5 DC, Palacios was an undocumented settler who was captured in 2015 on a large number of charges identified with his investment in the MS-13, pack.

They included illegal exploitation; pack enlistment; adding to the misconduct of a minor; supporting unlawful sex and impediment of equity.

Police in Manassas, Virginia, said that the charges originated from a pack commencement custom in November 2014, during which a 15-year-old young lady was attacked by MS-13 individuals.

Palacios at last conceded to tallies of illegal exploitation, posse enrollment of an adolescent and group cooperation, and was condemned to nine years.

Subsequent to serving only two years in state jail, a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge suspended the rest of Palacios’ sentence, and he was extradited.

Eventually among 2017 and last end of the week, Palacios had gotten back to the US.

Juan Carlos Gutierrez, the natural dad of Menjivar’s youngsters, said he didn’t know Palacios.

‘[I] don’t have the foggiest idea why they let him out.’ he disclosed to Fox 5 DC of Palacios.

The dad’s sister, Erlinda Gutierrez, portrayed Menjivar to The Washington Post as a decent mother who had gone to the US from El Salvador and tried sincerely as an inn servant to accommodate her kids.

She is made due by her 16-year-old child, Roberto, who is living with his grandparents in El Salvador.

Menjivar’s sister, Dora, has dispatched a GoFundMe mission to help send her body back to their nation of origin for internment.

‘She generally said if something happened to her, her desire was to be covered back in our country El Salvador,’ the sister composed. ‘Our folks are older and it is their last desire; to see their little girl one final time in El Salvador.’

Dora Menjivar likewise expressed in the pledge drive’s depiction that her killed sister lived for her youngsters, and ‘they venerated their mother and now they are in paradise together.’