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According to the Department of Justice,John Earle Sullivan was not just a passive observer in the Capitol after a video he claimed was promoting the rebels. A left-wing activist who told CNN that he entered the Capitol during last Wednesday’s siege only to document chaos has now been arrested by the police. Sullivan, a Utah-based Black Lives Matter protester, was accused of deliberately breaking into a building once restricted, violent entry and erratic behavior on the Capitol grounds, and interference with a law enforcement agency. According to a statement made by the DOJ, Sullivan “put on a ballistic vest and gas mask, entered the US Capital through a shattered window and was passed by the US Capital Police upon entering.” He shot multiple videos of the event before posting on YouTube under the username “Jayden X”. In one of the clips, he was heard encouraging other rebels, apparently when entering the building. “We have to burn this,” he adds, before adding: “This is our house, son of a bitch.” Elsewhere in his recorded clips, he tells the rebels: “You guys are wild. Let’s go!” This is our! F ** k yeah. I can’t believe this is true. “The DOJ also claims to tell the rebels:” We did this job … We are all part of this history. ” However, when Sullivan spoke to Anderson Cooper on CNN last week, he painted a very different picture of his time in the Capitol. He appeared on the cable network with a documentary filmmaker, and the pair were pictured passively watching the chaos unfold. Sullivan spoke to Rolling Stone last week and said he pretended to approach MAGA supporters who raided the Capitol Building. “I had to build relationships with these people and build trust soon,” he said. According to the publication, Sullivan faces charges of “riot and criminal strife caused by the Black Lives Matter protest in Utah last year.” Sullivan is one of more than 170 people currently charged in connection with the siege. Some experts were appalled by seemingly lenient accusations against some of the rebels. Many of them have so far been charged with misdemeanor charges. But US attorney Attorney Michael Sherwin said his office will increase charges once evidence is collected. “This is just the beginning,” he told reporters on Tuesday. The range of behavior is mind-blowing. The FBI works in the US prosecutor’s office. We are looking at major criminal cases linked to rebellion and conspiracy. The march orders are to create fire and conspiracy cases. These have up to 20 years in prison, ‘said Sherwin.

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He Is 26-year-old

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