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former head of Allegheny County Council dies
County Executive Rich Fitzgerald said on Friday that DeFazio ‘skipped Johnny’ in professional wrestling in the 1960s, and John DeFazio, a former member of the Allegheny County Council and its first chairman, died in the 70s.

Longtime fans of professional wrestling will remember DeFazio as “Jumping Johnny”, a popular character in the 1960s and 1970s.

Fitzgerald said DeFazio has been battling cancer in recent years. He literally fought to the end, in true John DeFazio fashion, “said Fitzgerald.” I spoke with some family members today. They’ve managed to be with him in recent days while John continues to fight. Even the stories they tell about John – what a soul. Will be missed. ”

All county flags were lowered in half in memory of DeFazio.

Councilor Pat Catena said DeFazio was “an invaluable leader” as well as friends and mentors of many on the council.

“He was an expert at precisely balancing the values ​​and needs of all members, regardless of party membership,” Catena said in a statement. Said. “He will always be remembered as the first member of the newly formed council that helped shape the government we know today. We offer our condolences to his wife Marsha, family and friends. Johnny will be missed but not forgotten.”

It’s hard for me to believe that John is dead. He was a larger being than life. Those who knew him saw his reputation as a tough athlete and former wrestler, but we knew that “Jumping Johnny” had a heart of gold when it came to looking at his family, friends, and community.

“John was a mentor, a friend, a colleague, and a guiding voice that taught me what it is to be an elected official. For all of us who served on this first Council, he taught us about this new government and taught that most of us now help the shepherd because he takes it lightly. And as part of this training it stepped aside and pushed us, colleagues, into leadership positions. Without John’s influence and encouragement, I wouldn’t be the County Executive today.

“As part of the inauguration of the District Council, he served as its first president and held this post in his last term. John was a bipartisan leader of the Council and the new members who promoted unity between the council. As a union leader, he also focused on improving the quality of life and working conditions, supported efforts to enforce the county living wage, and urged the Council to take positions on issues such as federal foreign trade policy and the UPMC-Highmark dispute. It also guided legislation through the Municipality to increase the farmhouse exemption amount to protect property owners, set county targets for veterans’ business participation, lower spilled beverage and car rental tax, require inspection of county voting machines, and implement a video surveillance system. in the selection store. He was most proud of the creation of the Human Relations Commission and the protections it provided to residents who were discriminated against in housing, employment and other contexts.

John was the smartest man in the Council. He never voted wrong. He saw the big picture. He was the captain of the team and he was the one we all went to when struggling with body issues and votes.

“Earlier today, I sympathized with Marsha and the DeFazio family. I send my deepest condolences to his family and friends for this loss. ”