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John Christopher Crawson Wiki

Christopher Crawson, as officials said, when the police found improvised explosive devices in the house, they evacuated five homes in the Williamson County neighborhood near Round Rock, Texas.

Crawson, 47, was charged with terrorist threats and incarcerated in Williamson County Prison, according to prisoner records. reported that the neighborhood was evacuated on Tuesday morning, February 23, 2021, after police were summoned to Crawson’s home to issue an arrest warrant following an investigation allegedly threatening a family member. He was arrested, and police later said they found IED in his house at the 2500 block of Santa Barbara Loop. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office told the news outlet that they would remain on the scene until the devices were safely removed. The public was asked to stay away from the area. Anyone who lives in the area and is not contacted by the authorities does not need to be evacuated. Authorities Find Explosives at Crawson’s House on 23 Feb., While Authorities Order to Arrest a Family Member for Threat Allegedly on 23 February, Authorities

Crawson’s accusations stem from an alleged threat to a family member on January 18, 2021. A terrorist threat charge against a family member is a third-degree crime according to prison records. Authorities were drawing an arrest warrant at his home when IEDs were found. According to KXAN, the bomb disposal team and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) stayed at Crawson’s home to investigate in the afternoon. Austin-American Statesman reporter Rebeccah Macias shared photos from the scene on Twitter.

“It’s happening now: I’m in Round Rock where people are evacuated after IEDs are found in the home of a man who is currently under arrest,” he wrote. β€œAn unknown number of explosives were found in the home of 47-year-old John Christopher Crawson, officers issued a search warrant around 11 this morning. About five houses surrounding Crawson’s house were quickly evacuated. Authorities did not elaborate on Crawson’s alleged threats to a family member or who threatened them. Neighbors told the Austin-American Statesman that Crawson and his wife had an “ugly divorce”.

Crawson was arrested at around 8 a.m. The incident resulted in only about five homes being evacuated. The newspaper reported that additional measures were taken to protect other nearby houses and buildings.

The incident shook the neighborhood, neighbor Sonia Guardado told a reporter for Statesman. She said she had known the Crawsons for about five years.

For the neighbors, We are very tightly attached, she said. We are all suffering right now.

Another neighbor, Rod Hobbs, said a reporter Crawson was a “nice guy” who helped his neighbors. He said he bought tree branches from a neighbor’s garden after winter storms.

He’s always a good man. He does something for everyone, ”he said and added,β€œ It’s hard to believe – but anything is possible.