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John Chalachew hunted his victims for “use for sex” while he was drunk. The three’s father was convicted in 2018 of six rape charges involving three women and a man. All three women were attacked after Chalachew invited them to her home on Mount Gould Road.

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He Is 33 Year Old

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Serial rapist who hunts victims while leaving nightclubs 20 years in prison
After the jurors met at the Crash Manor nightclub on March 23, two people were raped that same night. They heard that the victims, both in their 20s and 40s, respectively, woke up in different rooms. On May 24, the male victim was dragged into an alley in the Greenbank area in his late teens after leaving friends at the Pryzm nightclub and walking home alone. The last incident occurred in the early hours of October 6, when a woman in her 30s visited places like Walkabout and Popworld before losing her friends and waking up in Chalachew’s bed.

She insisted that all her victims were willing to have sex with her, and she denied the charges against her. However, a jury found him guilty of six rape cases at Plymouth Crown Court on November 27 last year. Chalachew was sentenced yesterday to 20 years in prison and also eight years on a driver’s license at Taunton Crown Court. Judge James Townsend said all four victims were more vulnerable to alcohol. “I do not hesitate to conclude that it is obvious to you how badly your victims were affected when you decided to use them for sex. The impact on your victims was profound, as heard in the sad statements summarized to the court.
“I want to pay tribute to them for their courage to stand out in order to maintain justice for themselves and protect others.” The male victim described having nightmares and panic attacks after his ordeal, which turned him into a “hermit.” The woman in her 20s stated that she felt ‘dirty and humiliated’ due to the attack, which left her ‘traumatized’. The woman in her 40s said she could no longer trust anyone and pushed people away, while the latest victim explained how she withdrew from her friends and family.
Detective Inspector Paul Otter, a senior investigating officer, praised the victims for their courage in helping bring Chalachew to justice. ‘Chalachew deliberately targeted them by preying on their vulnerability with their drunken situation when leaving or returning home from nightclubs.’ Chalachew was considered a ‘dangerous’ criminal and previously had to serve at least two-thirds of his sentence. to be eligible for release. The illegal immigrant, who arrived in the UK from Djibouti in Africa in 2005, is now facing deportation. There are 16 sequences of convictions for 23 crimes, including theft and violence.