Joe Warren Plant Wiki – Bio

Joe-Warren Plant is an 18-year-old actor from Lancs, Blackpool. He has been featured in the popular soap Emmerdale since she was eight years old. Joe announced the news that he performed on the ice skating show on This Morning in September. He said: “I’m so excited, I can’t even describe it. I really have time to focus on education in Emmerdale, and you know, trying my best and learning new skills. “It’s a new challenge I’ve never done anything like this before, so yes, I’m so excited.”

Girl Friend

Joe recently broke up with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Nicole Hadlow, after Dancing on Ice training was reported to put pressure on their relationship. However, according to a coded message, they may have rekindled their romance. After their separation, the two significantly removed all traces of each other on their social media pages. However, they’ve since become friends online again, and Nicole has now fired up whispers of reunion. Nicole went to Instagram and shared an encrypted message about ‘forgiveness’ with 17,000 followers. She said: “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. So don’t go crazy for too long. “Learn to forgive and love with all your heart.” The message is over: “Don’t worry about those who don’t like you. Enjoy those who love you.” The Sun described how Joe and Nicole started hitting sleds in November after they partnered with professional skater Vanessa Bauer for DOI. Joe had dated Nicole for three years, but left the house he shared with her.

Vanessa Putri Bauer is a 24-year-old German dancer, acrobat and ice skater. She performed on an ice rink on HMS Harmony Of The Seas, one of the world’s largest luxury cruise ships. She says, “Life is a vacation,” and she is literally for her. But maintaining a body strong and agile enough to dance on ice is not a cake walk.

She regularly posts photos of her workouts on Instagram and she has an incredibly muscular figure. Vanessa insists she doesn’t need supplements to keep herself strong, she just works hard and eats healthy.

Vanessa left her job on the cruise ship in July 2017 and moved to north London. She is working on Planetary Ice in Hemel Hempstead with her skating skills. Vanessa matched up with Jake Quickenden for the show’s 2018 series, and the duo continued to crown the winners. She placed second in 2020 with street dancer Perri Kiely.