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Jimmy Galligan, a black Virginia student, says he doesn’t regret sharing an online video of a white high school classmate using a racist libel that forced him to withdraw from his dream college. Galligan announced to the New York Times last year that he was in a history class at Heritage High School when he received a text from a friend containing a video of his classmate Mimi Groves using a racist adjective. A Virginia student says she doesn’t regret sharing an online video of a white high school classmate using a racist insult that forced her to withdraw from her dream college.

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Jimmy Galligan, of Leesburg, is 18 years old. Black High School Studen

The three-second clip, sent by Groves to a friend on Snapchat in 2016, showed his freshman, then 15, sitting “I can drive, while staring at the camera. traffic. Galligan said the clip pointed to teachers and administrators, but his complaints were unresponsive. The disappointed and angry Galligan said he decided to wait until he thought it was the right time to release the video publicly. It released in June this year. “I wanted to take him to where he understands the seriousness of this word,” Galligan, 18, whose mother is black and father is white, told the Times. “If I never posted this video, nothing would happen. I remind myself, you started something,” he went on. “You taught someone.” Groves’ video circulated among some students at Heritage High shortly after recording him in 2016, but reportedly didn’t generate much excitement. Galligan said the racist mud used by Groves was regularly thrown into classrooms and hallways during his time at the Loudon County School district. She also said that last summer, both she and Groves were in their senior year and didn’t watch the video before making the video. Groves, a championship winning cheerleader, was planning to attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where the cheering team led the national champions.

Galligan himself said that his senior English teachers remembered being mocked by his white classmates with racial slurs after playing the audio recording of his 1902 short novel “Heart of Darkness”, which included racist language. Galligan, one of his classmates who mocked him, later said in an Instagram post that he continued to make threatening comments about Muslims. Galligan said he showed the footage to the director, who refused to act because of “freedom of expression”. According to the Times, it is shocking that ‘students report that the N-word is used as a common concern, adding that employees have’ low racial awareness and racial literacy ‘. Lack of hurtful language responses forced students into a ‘hostile learning environment’. Thinking about the backlash caused by his video, Groves said at the time that he “didn’t understand the seriousness of the word or the history and context behind it because I was too young.” he regularly appeared in the songs he and his friends listened to, but added: ‘I’m not using this as an excuse.’ “I am disgusted when these words come out of my mouth,” he continued.