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Jesus V. Medrano III Wiki – Charged

Kenosha Police Department arrested a man they said killed his father and stepmother after catching a man in Wisconsin sexually abusing a child at his home. Jesus V. Medrano III, 49-year-old father Jesus Medrano Jr. and he was accused of killing his stepmother Latrice Meyers-Medrano with a machete after attempting to interfere with sexual assault. relative filed a criminal complaint, WISN reported

Jesus V. Medrano Charged Investigation Reports

WISN responded to the Kenosha home on January 6 in response to a call from police officers regarding a possible sexual crime and found a 15-year-old girl who reported that she had been strangled by Medrano. Officers broke into the location of two adult victims, both dead at the scene. According to public records, Medrano, 24, has been charged twice with first-degree deliberate murder, first-degree child sexual assault, suffocation and asphyxiation, and physical abuse of a child. He is in custody with a $ 2.5 million bond. Officials said the investigation is active and ongoing.

According to a press release from the Kenosha Police Department, officials were called to “investigate a possible sexual crime” at around 4:30 am on January 6, at the 900 block of 46th Street in Kenosha. When the officers got there, they found signs of “some kind of struggle” and demanded additional officers. In the press release, it was stated that “two adults died after entering the residence”.

In an update to the original press release, the police department added that the deceased was a 49-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman, and a 15-year-old child victim. Three more children, aged 6, 10 and 15, were found in the house. In the criminal complaint received by WISN, it was stated that the responding officers had first met with the 15-year-old female victim, who claimed that Medrano had strangled her. When the officers entered the house, they found blood covering the floor and a wall, followed by stab wounds from two adult victims in the bedroom. Latrice Meyers-Medrano’s mother said the family was devastated, WISN shared: “My heart is broken. It cannot be broken anymore. My daughter died in vain and I am very sorry for her children.”

In the criminal complaint received by WISN, he said that Medrano was found in his brother’s house with a machete. When the officers asked the 24-year-old man to lay down his weapon, he said “kill me” before he was arrested.

Medrano confessed to the crimes, she wrote in the WISN criminal complaint, that she had been sexual thoughts about the 15-year-old girl for a while, and decided to act on the morning of January 6. He told the officers that he entered his bedroom, bringing socks, in case he tried to shout. He also said that his father brought his machete to the room to defend himself in case he found him. According to WISN’s report on the criminal complaint, Medrano said that the girl started to drown because of a fight with her and at this point her father entered the room. He said that he stabbed his father with a machete and that when his stepmother appeared on the doorway, he jumped over his father and stabbed himself in the thigh to reach him.