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who sexually abused daughter, 4, and watched neighbors kill her laughs during court appearance

‘She turned around from her attorney and smiled the whole way out… that’s disturbing,’ two members of Child Advocacy Against Pedophilia said Four-year-old Jessica Mast was seen laughing as her mother went to court, “beaten, dipped in a pond, then freed in a bank.” The Sun reported that Mary Mast, who allegedly sexually abused her daughter along with her husband James Mast, smiled while leaving the court in Warsaw, Missouri. The 29-year-old accused is accused of endangering a child’s well-being, which resulted in death and domestic assault. Two members of Mel Pleasant and Tiffany Hill, members of the Child Advocacy Against Pedophilia, who reportedly witnessed Mary Mast’s strange behavior attended the hearing on Tuesday, January 5th. “It was very difficult to see them. Especially the mother. She laughed. She laughed when she came out of court. I couldn’t find anything funny, funny in this case. About the death of her daughter. She turned away from her lawyer, smiled. The two women told KY3 News about the child advocacy groups on January 16. Stating that he will organize a peaceful protest in the courthouse, “There are those who do not think that this is big. We are in agreement. He is already dead. He is gone. But it is. They saved that little girl from her pride at the last moment and that’s why we are standing here today,” said Pleasant. The little girl died at the end of December, after being “beaten, dipped in a pond and then left to freeze” before being brought back home. In connection with the alleged crime, Mary’s husband and two neighbors – Ethan Mast, 35 and Kourtney Aumen, are also charged. Investigators claimed that neighbors suppressed on second-degree murder charges killed the boy to “exterminate a demon.” James was accused of endangering the welfare of a first-degree child and endangering the well-being of a first-degree child. It will cause serious physical injury.

Investigation Reports

According to reports, Ethan and Kourtney went to the victim’s family at eight o’clock on the day of the crime and beat him while forcing his parents to watch. Later in the day, they even used a belt to hurt the boy. According to the Sergeant explanation of a possible cause. Neighbors Chris Wilson sexually abused the girl and also forced her parents to use a foreign object to sexually act on her. They beat Mary that day, as she was in a bedroom with her two sons, a two-year-old boy and a baby, by the authorities who responded to the scene.

James also told detectives that if Ethan and Kourtney did something to protect their daughter, “Satan will come”. When, Sergeant. Wilson interrogated the father, “how could he let people do this to his family, and he said that his wife was told that there was a ‘demon’ inside him and that if he was not taken care of his children would be just like him. Possible reason was added. Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox earlier” As far as I know, this is it. it could be a kind of honest to good religious type episode, “he said.