Who Is Jennifer Shah & Stuart Smith? Wiki, Bio, Arrested, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Jennifer Shah & Stuart Smith Wiki – Arrested, Investigation

Salt Lake City’s Real Housewives stars Jennifer Shah and Stuart Smith allegedly defrauded hundreds of people in a telemarketing program Jennifer Shah and Stuart Smith appeared on trial Tuesday after their arrest on federal fraud charges.

Salt Lake City’s Real Housewives allegedly cheated hundreds of people across the country in a telemarketing program over a 10-year period.

Authorities announced that 47-year-old Jennifer and 43-year-old Stuart were arrested in Utah on charges, including an unsealed conspiracy in New York.

Several conditions were set by the prosecutors, which means the couple was not allowed to communicate with each other after their release.

Except for one lawsuit in New York, they were also banned from traveling outside of Utah and were not allowed to engage in telemarketing.

The prosecution also asked both of them not to spend more than $ 10,000 (£ 7,300) on personal or corporate accounts, except to pay for legal fees. Manhattan US Attorney Audrey Strauss stated that Jennifer was named as Smith’s first assistant while portraying herself on television as a wealthy and successful businessman. Jennifer is in the main cast of the TV series Bravo. She was often at the center of the show’s most dramatic moments, and she threw a glass while arguing with one of her actress friends.

Authorities said the fraud scheme had defrauded hundreds of victims across the country for a decade. In the indictment, prosecutors said that in the alleged program, they were selling so-called business services to victims, such as tax preparation or website designs, and that it was a way to make their companies more efficient and profitable.

Most of the victims did not have a computer and were over the age of 55.

The indictment alleged that both Jennifer and Stuart tried to hide their role in the scheme by using third-party names for their businesses, telling victims to use encrypted messages to communicate with them, and telling people to send some payments to overseas bank accounts. It was alleged that “innocent individuals produced and sold” leader lists “in order to defraud other members of their plan repeatedly, the prosecutor said.

In reality, and allegedly, the so-called business opportunities pushed into victims by the duo and their co-conspirators consisted of fraudulent schemes motivated by greed to steal victims’ money ”.

Jennifer and Stuart are expected to attend a virtual hearing in New York on Wednesday afternoon.