Jeffrey Shane Witcher & Richard Barnard Wiki, Arrest, Charged, (US Capitol), Many More Facts You Need To Know

Jeffrey Shane Witcher & Richard Barnard Wiki – Arrest

Jeffrey Shane Witcher and Richard Barnard charged by prosecutors The Witcher and Barnard, two Marine Corps veterans, were in the Capitol on January 6. In the video, the Witcher allegedly: ‘We did it! We are at the White House FBI claims the Witcher deleted photos and videos from his cell phone after the riot
However, it is claimed that the researchers were able to retrieve photos and clips from iCloud.

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Two US Marine Corps veterans, accused and arrested of attacking the US Capital during the MAGA riot on January 6, released their own photos in Rotuna boasting that they “ruined the White House”.

Jeffrey Shane Witcher and his close friend Richard Franklin Barnard were among hundreds of Trump supporters who broke into the US Capitol in Washington DC as Congress convened to confirm Joe Biden’s victory.

According to court documents, the Witcher and Barnard went with another friend from their home state, Texas, to the capital. I’m at the White House! We dropped this. Our home! We did it! ‘The Witcher is allegedly said by federal investigators in a video taken from his iCloud account.

“We did it, family, we did it! We did it! We’re at the White House!”

The Witcher, a war veteran, came to Washington because he believed that “freedom of speech is censored across the country and most people believe they are deaf to debate and deprived of the political process.”

According to a court statement, “His aim is to participate in civil disobedience that he thinks is necessary to facilitate a dialogue, but he expects it to be nonviolent and peaceful”. The Witcher told federal investigators that he stopped taking photos of the Trump Hotel on January 6 at 1:02 pm – shortly after the then president’s supporters initially raided the barricades surrounding the Capitol.

The Witcher said that when he noticed a large group of people entering the Congress building, he was standing near the Washington Monument, about 300 meters from the Capitol. As no signs of police or law enforcement appeared, the Witcher and his friend Barnard broke into the Capitol, according to federal investigators.

The Witcher allegedly documented his entrance to the Capitol Building on his cell phone.

The Witcher allegedly deleted incriminating videos and photos of himself and Barnard in the Capitol.

According to court documents, Witcher agreed to have his phone searched by FBI agents. They are said to have been granted access to the Apple iCloud account from The Witcher.

According to court documents, FBI agents were able to retrieve photos and video clips that the Witcher thought had previously deleted.

One of the videos taken from the Witcher’s mobile device shows the former war veteran walking towards the Capitol Rotunda shortly after police officers were overrun by the riot crowd. I’m here with my brother Richard Barnard – no, no, no, let’s go! ‘ allegedly said in the video.

“This is our home, our home! Our home! Our home!

“Hey family, we made it. We came and made it.

We are in the White House. Our home.’

When asked by FBI agents about his comments, the Witcher allegedly told them “he was so emotional and invested in that moment”, he spoke wrongly and claimed he was in the White House instead of the Capitol.

In a second video clip taken from the Witcher’s iCloud account, he said, “We are in Rotunda. We are in Rotunda. Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our house! Our home!’

In another episode of the same clip, the Witcher allegedly directed some comments to law enforcement nearby.

According to the claim: “Our house! Our house! Our house! Do not be a traitor!

“Fulfill your constitutional duties, man. Do or die! Do or die! Do or die!

‘Be with us! Be with us! Be with us! ”

The Witcher is allegedly continuing to yell at law enforcement nearby.

You are us! You are us! You are us! You are us! ‘It is allegedly said.

“Hey man, you grew up where I grew up, you are us.

‘Hey man, we are, you are us, you are us man.

“Dude, don’t forget your Constitutional duties.

“Do not forget your oath, brother. Do not forget your oath! Do not forget your oath!

“You are us! You are us! You are us!”

Seconds later, according to court documents, a “heavy noise” is heard in the video.

The Witcher allegedly said the noise was caused by someone throwing a fire extinguisher at a police officer.

Do not do this! No no! No! These are not our enemies. No, don’t, “Witcher allegedly said.

According to court documents, the Witcher is later seen participating in a hymn among the rebels.

‘Our home! Our home! Man, I’m very proud of us, ‘he allegedly said.

FBI agents in Austin, Texas interviewed Barnard after the Witcher provided them with their contact information. Barnard told the FBI that his wife texted him after the Capitol storm and that people had died during the riot.

According to court documents, after receiving his wife’s message, “Barnard later stated that he decided to delete the videos and photos on his phone.”

During his interview with the FBI, no video or photos were taken from his device, but Barnard is said to have offered to send researchers whatever the material surfaces.

The FBI statement recommends accusing both Barnard and the Witcher of federal crimes, including violating and disrupting the orderly functioning of government affairs.