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Jeffrey Sanker Wiki – Biography

Who Was Jeffrey Sanker ?

Jeffrey Sanker, founder of the Palm Springs White Party, died on Friday night, according to media reports.

On Saturday morning, Sanker’s publisher Jack Ketsoyan wrote in an email to The Desert Sun that the family would make a statement on Monday.

The Los Angeles-based organizer helped make Palm Springs the gay-friendly city it is now in. Many states still enacted anti-sodomy laws when they founded the Palm Springs White Party in 1990. The event has turned into one of the largest gay circuit parties in the world. It was Jeffrey Sanker who brought the big figures to the city, Craig Prater, former director of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, told Desert Sun earlier. “He filled the hotels and restaurants in large numbers. As a result, gay men returned to the desert to have fun at Jeffrey’s events.” Sanker was called “humane and pioneer” during the ceremony.

“It brought the ultimate in entertainment here,” said Ron Oden, the former mayor of Palm Springs. “This continued to make the Palm Springs name stand out not just in California and the United States, but around the world.”

“I love coming here,” Sanker said to the audience, including actress Carmen Electra, who spoke at the event. “Palm Springs is my second home. Beginning with the meeting of Sanker’s 300 closest friends, the White Party is currently the largest gay circuit party in the United States and typically attracts more than 30,000 attendees.

Last year’s event was canceled and a two-day digital concert was broadcast on Facebook instead. Sanker’s passion for parties began in New York City in the early 1980s. He has worked in legendary venues Studio 54, Palladium and Private Eyes. Over the years, it has hosted parties of numerous celebrities and charities, including Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing (GLEH), The Trevor Project, and Desert AIDS Project.
Big names are the hallmark of their events. The White Party featured performances by Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Ke $ ha and Robyn. The events also helped boost the careers of aspiring DJs.

William J. Mann, author of “Hello Gorgeous: Becoming Barbra Streisand,” biography of the Streisand and gay novels such as “Where the Boys Are” has participated in several White Parties and wrote about circuit parties in his fiction.

Mann said events like the White Party are important to gay men.

“Today there is no longer a need to find our tribe, as young gay people are much more integrated into the wider community,” Mann said. “But there’s still a very strong side to getting on that dance floor surrounded by thousands of other gay men and feeling this connection – with or without the aid of chemicals – it continues to be affirmative regardless of the generation.”

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Jeffrey Sanker Age

He Was 65 Year Old.

Death Cause & More About Jeffrey Sanker ?

Sanker, 65, was with his family when he died after a long battle with liver cancer at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, according to Blade, Los Angeles.
Sixty-two-year-old Jeffrey died at Cedars Sinai Hospital. His mother and sister were with him.

According to Blade, Sanker died on Friday, May 28, 2021 at Cedars-Sinai Hospital “including family members after a long battle with liver cancer”.

The website bio has gathered the accolades it has received over the years. “MIAMI HERALD named him ‘the chief priest of gay parties’. GENRE MAGAZINE lists him as ‘Circuit Master’. NEXT MAGAZINE calls him ‘the sultan of the suir.’ CIRCUIT NOIZE MAGAZINE calls him only ‘man’. ” that says.

“Sanker is referred to by MIAMI HERALD as the ‘father of the modern gay event party.’ Nowhere is this more evident than Sanker’s trademark fantasy: White Party Palm Springs, which has turned into Sanker’s biggest gay dance music festival in the world. attracts more than 30,000 participants from all corners. ”

He faced difficulties getting his gay party tour off the ground. “We had a great opposition during the first 10-15 years. We had to go to the city council to get permission, and there was always a member against the incident. I had to fight this as well as those who struck and protested at the event, Sanker once told Palm Springs Life.

Over the years, she noticed rising talents like Lady Gaga. “All I can tell you is that we’ve had shows like Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige and JLo in the past, and we hope there will be more people of this caliber this year. We also plan to show 15 minutes of synchronized fireworks to Palm Springs Life,” said Jeffrey Sanker, according to the biography. Is the founder of LA-based White Party Entertainment, Inc. and the creator of autograph events such as WHITE PARTY PALM SPRINGS; New Year’s Eve celebrations in Los Angeles, Miami and Rio de Janeiro, and One Mighty Party on Orlando’s Gay Days. ”

The biography says it started in the 1980s.

“Sanker’s passion for parties began in New York in the early eighties,” he writes. He fine-tuned his skills as an organizer and special event producer, working in legendary locations such as Studio 54, Palladium and Private Eyes. It has hosted parties for numerous celebrities over the years. ”

Sanker moved to Los Angeles in 1987. “His innovative technique of using landmark venues for trend-setting themed events has been recognized for bringing a breath of fresh air to the Los Angeles scene. Since then, she has worked at all of the hottest and most popular venues and nightclubs in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami, ”says the biography.

Jeffrey Sanker Net worth

Net Worth Post estimates Jeffrey’s net worth is $ 700,000,