Jedaiah Param & Elijah Morgan Wiki

Two men who stabbed a drill rapper to death in a “brutal and brutal” attack face life behind bars. The 20-year-old Crosslon Davis, known as Bis, was a “highly respected” member of the Harlem Spartans, a well-known musical troupe mainly located in Kennington, south London. On 6 December 2019, at Deptford in southeastern London, four teenagers armed with knives or machetes were injured at least nine times to the head, back and chest. Following the Old Bailey trial, Elijah Morgan, 20 and 21-year-old Jedaiah Param, was found guilty of murder and knife use.

Prosecutor Brian O’Neill QC told the jurors that this was a “brutal and brutal attack”: “Crosslon Davis had no chance.” The forensic pathologist, who carried out the autopsy examination of his body, concluded that he died of blood loss from multiple wounds. ” Most of the attack was caught on CCTV footage.
The court heard the previous day that he shot a music video for Kennington and his last track in Cambridge with friends, including Elhaj Diarrassouba aka Els. On his return trip to London, the judges were told that Mr. Davis “got angry” with someone on the phone. O’Neill said: ‘Right or wrong, he had the impression that the person on the other end of the phone was disrespectful about “Latz.” “Latz, real name Latwaan Griffiths, was a Harlem Spartan friend who was stabbed. The court told the person on the phone to stop being rude and apologize, but the court denied it.
Mr. Diarrassouba suggested that they meet the caller to solve the problem, and they arrived at the Deptford Creek area at 1:15 am. Mr. O’Neill said that if there was a pre-arranged meeting with the defendants, it was impossible to say whether it was linked to the perceived “disrespect” about Latz. When the defendants got into a taxi in Deptford, Mr. Davis, armed with a mallet, opened the back door and tried to attack Morgan. The court, the taxi sped up, but the driver was told to stop and the passengers got up and ran back, the court heard. The court heard that Mr. Davis had dropped a mallet when he was shot by the defendants and two other unidentified assailants. Mr. O’Neill said, “We see Els trying to stop it. He put himself between Crosslon and the other four, but the reality of the situation was that there were four armed men against two unarmed men.
And these four gunmen had murder in their head, and they were intent on killing Crosslon Davis. All four attackers appear to attack or stab Crosslon Davis with their guns. At one point, he fell to the ground under the impact rain but managed to stand up. “The attack continued and Crosslon staggered from the camera footage by his attackers. It is clear that he was seriously injured, although not fatal.” Mr. Davis collapsed, but the attack continued before the attackers escaped. Param from Norwood in South London and Morgan, without a fixed address, said. After Morgan refused to come to court from the prison where he was detained, only Param sat on the dock.After the criminal verdict on Friday, Judge Angela Rafferty QC was arrested pending a prison sentence on March 26.