Who Was Jeanne Edgar? Wiki, Bio, Killed, (Suspect Arrest) Stabbed, Family, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Jeanne Edgar Wiki/Bio

Jeanne Edgar, died on Thursday afternoon when her dog, Sashi Ricardo Saldivar, was caught lying next to her beloved furry white dog Sashi with multiple stab wounds at Lone Hill Park in San Dimas.

Saldivar was taken to the hospital after Joe Page saw the attack and desperately thrown a stone to his head to stop him, knocked him down.

Jeanne Edgar Age

She Was 60 Year Old.

Jeanne Edgar Killed, Suspect Arrested,

Ricardo Saldivar, 23, is accused of random assaulting him in Lone Hill Park in San Dimas. A 23-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder for stabbing his 66-year-old grandmother and his dog in a random attack. In the park of Los Angeles. The brutal attack occurred around 1.35 pm at the intersection of Shellman Boulevard and Renwick Road while Edgar was walking his dog.

ABC 7, Saldivar first approached Page in his 30s, during a break from his job at a pest control firm, parked car and walking towards the public toilet in the park.

Page told NBC Los Angeles that the suspect was looking ‘unstable’ at the time and was taking drugs and ‘wanting to hurt someone’.

‘I see this guy in my peripheral vision – he seems unstable and on drugs,’ he said. He approaches me and says something like ‘I’m going to kill you’. ”

It was alleged that the suspect, identified by the police as a Spanish man, tried to stab him but managed to get back into Page’s car.

The attacker then went for Edgar. First he took his dog’s collar from him and started stabbing the animal.

The police said they started attacking the woman after killing the animal.

Page got out of his car, unconsciously knocked him down to help Edgar hit the suspect with a stone to stop it.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said it received an ‘updated 911 call indicating that a woman was screaming and then a woman was stabbed. Deputies arrived on the scene to find Edgar lying on the street next to his pet dog’s body with multiple stab wounds.

Both were reported dead at the scene.

Page told NBC that Saldivar would be back as soon as the officers arrived.

Many things were crossing my mind. I wish I had hit him with my truck, ‘he said.

If only she was still alive … Now I believe She is in heaven. We all tried to help. ‘

The attacker was detained at the scene and hospitalized for head injury. A knife was also removed from the scene.

Saldivar was later jailed for one murder and arrested on $ 2 million bail on charges of attempted murder.

Salvidar will appear in court for his hearing on Tuesday.

The reason is not clear. Edgar’s best friend paid tribute to the 66-year-old boy while setting up a memorial place with candles and flowers near the place where the locals were killed.

“Jeanne was a beautiful and courageous person and she didn’t deserve it,” Linda Sanders told ABC7.

I have known him for a very long time and he is one of my best friends all over the world. They were all shocked because … I just learned. ‘

Sanders said that She loves her friend’s dog, Sashi, as her ‘little girl’ and walks him in different local parks everyday.

She always went to different dog parks she. She had sweet little Sachi with her little baby and walked her every day, ” Sanders said.

Page’s father-in-law told CBS Los Angeles that his son-in-law had a lucky escape.

“From what I learned from my son-in-law Joe, he actually followed him first with the knife,” Tony Page said.

My groom was able to reach his vehicle safely. At this point the man started attacking the lady who was walking his dog, started killing the dog with the knife, then turned the knife to him and started to kill him. ”

“At that time, he got out of his vehicle, found a stone, threw it, hit the suspect in the face, knocked it out, and the authorities came soon after.”

Another local resident said the attack shook the neighborhood.

“What everyone naturally accepts is to think you have safety wherever you go,” Drew Ashley said.

Sometimes you have to pay attention to your surroundings, have situational awareness.