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Who Is Jean Muggli Strahan (Michael Strahan’s Ex Wife) ? Wiki, Arrested & Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who Is Jean Muggli Strahan ?

  • Arrested

Michael Strahan’s ex was arrested on Friday in New York and set up for charges identified with criminal disdain.

As indicated by reports, Jean Muggli Strahan was captured for being blamed for abusing a defensive request taken out by her ex named Marianna Ayer.

Marianna claims she was in a close connection with Michael’s ex yet it finished severely. She says Jean began a mission of provocation against her after she finished things. Back in June, Marianna documented a lawful argument against Jean blaming her for persuasive contacting, fantastic theft, muddled lead, provocation, and pressure.

In docs, she guaranteed Michael’s ex took a plastic weapon and compromised her with it, asserting it was genuine. She said Jean manhandled her pets and frequently kicked her German Shepherd.

Jean was arrested after Marianne called the police to report her ex was at her home. Michael hasn’t been a major fanatic of his ex. Last year, he blamed her for manhandling their twin girls and requested the court grant him essential care. He said Jean was genuinely and truly harmful towards their little girls Sophia and Isabella. He said Jean has shown a “example of oppressive direct towards the youngsters for quite a long time” and didn’t give numerous subtleties.

Michael said she neglected to prosecute their children requested treatment or the young lady’s games. At that point, Michael just had appearance rights. His girls lived with their mom in North Carolina while he worked in New York.

Michael and Jean have been battling for quite a long time. Before the authority question, Jean indicted her ex back more than $500,000 in youngster support she accepted he owed her.

She said he owed her cash identifying with their horseback riding bills and different costs. The two got hitched in 1999 however their marriage finished in 2006.

Per their separation understanding, the previous NFL star consented to pay his ex $15.3 million alongside $18k per month in help for both their girls. In 2009, the youngster support installments were diminished to $13,000 per month.

She likewise felt he should pay more because of him making a huge load of cash from the NFL facilitating gig and Good Morning America. The two are as yet battling it out in court.


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