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Richard Budrow is a California convicted murderer and is currently serving a life sentence in prison accused of murdering his cellmate Roger Reece Kibbe.

Kibbe was a serial killer convicted of multiple life sentences for first degree murder. Nicknamed the “I-5 Strangler” because the killings took place in Sacramento and Stockton interstate, the Associated Press reported that Kibbe believed they raped and killed at least seven women and would cut the victims, Mercury News reported. ‘will keep the hair and clothes as a souvenir. Kibbe began his state prison sentence in June 1991, according to the California Penitentiary Authority. Authorities did not indicate how long Kibbe and Budrow had been cellmates. According to the California Correctional Agency, a guard at Mule Creek State Penitentiary was conducting a routine census at 12:40 on February 28 when he noticed that the Kibbe was lying on the floor of his cell. Kibbe has been described as “unresponsive”.

Budrow was standing in the cell. The newsletter did not indicate whether he was standing on the top of the Kibbe’s body or touching the Kibbe in any way. Authorities did not share whether the guard heard a fight or an argument between the two men.

Kibbe was taken to the medical facility of the prison where the medical staff tried to resuscitate him. However, the efforts were unsuccessful, and it was announced that Kibbe died at 1:23 am. He was 81 years old.

Authorities are investigating Kibbe’s death as a murder, but have not yet shared details of how he died. Chief forensic officer of Amador County, Sergeant. Patrick Weart initially declined to comment on the cause of death when asked by the Associated Press as the investigation was ongoing. Since July 5, 2011, Lawrow is a state prisoner, according to prisoner records. He was put in solitary confinement after the death of Kibbe. Budrow’s prisoner profile serves a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Budrow Says He Killed His Girlfriend In 2010 Because He Was Afraid Of Being A Police Informant
According to Patch, Budrow murdered his girlfriend in 2010 because he believed he was acting as a police informant. The source, citing police sources, reported that Budrow and the victim, identified as 48-year-old Margret Dalton, had known each other for about six months and had sexual intercourse.

Budrow sat down for a prison interview with The Press-Enterprise reporter in October 2010. She explained that she was aware of Dalton’s criminal activities such as the drug trade and pimp. Budrow said he had concluded that Dalton “had to die” because he was convinced that he would tell the police about his activities.

Budrow lived in a trailer in Riverside County off Highway 74. WTVD-TV invited Dalton to his home on October 22, 2010, with the intention of killing him. He confessed to the newspaper that he had strangled Dalton around 2 or 3 am after realizing he was in danger and trying to run to his car. Budrow did not try to hide Dalton’s murder. Described as the Chrysler Sebring convertible, she put the woman’s body in the trunk of her car. Budrow told The Press-Enterprise that he went to sleep for a few hours; She was on parole at the time and was not allowed to leave her home overnight.

Later that morning, Budrow went to the Lake Elsinore Police Station in Riverside County. Budrow parked at the police station at 7:25 am, as reported by the Morning Call at that time. She told an officer that there was a victim’s body in the vehicle.

During his prison meeting with The Press-Enterprise, Budrow said he surrendered because he was convinced that he was being watched and still arrested. Budrow also told the reporter that if he had access to a weapon, he would want to kill other people that night.

Budrow pleaded guilty in June 2011 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. As Patch reported, prosecutors would press for the death penalty if there was a jury case. Budrow is a registered sex offender in California. According to his profile on the record, Budrow was convicted in 2004 of “forced or fearful sexual intercourse with a foreign body”.

The victim was a 14-year-old girl, according to the Los Angeles Times.

According to court documents obtained by The Press-Enterprise, Budrow attacked the young girl in 2003 while visiting her grandparents near Lake Elsinore. It was a neighbor, and the police said Budrow “slipped” into his bedroom. The victim told the police to stop, but said he was too afraid to scream or resist. Budrow told the police that he was drinking beer and marijuana, that his sex acts were consensual and he believed the girl was 17 years old.

Budrow was sentenced to prison and was released in 2006, according to sex offender records. Budrow had to wear an ankle monitor when released, Patch reports. He was still wearing it when he killed Dalton in 2010.