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Jason Nightengale was a Illinois man who went into a random gunfight in Chicago and Evanston on January 10 and randomly injured and killed multiple people in an IHOP, grocery store, street, and apartment. A total of seven people were shot, including at least five deaths.

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According to Chicago Police Inspector David Brown speaking at a press conference, Nightengale shot and killed an apartment security guard, a man sitting in a garage, and a man in a grocery store. He also shot a teenager in a car, a woman in an IHOP restaurant, and other people on a shooting spree. The shots were random. Nightengale was later shot dead by Evanston police. The university confirmed on Twitter that one of the victims was a student at the University of Chicago. The names of the victims have not been revealed yet.

Chicago Police Inspector David Brown said the events were “tragic” at a press conference. It’s also confusing because there were so many different shots, so Brown arranged each one carefully.

He emphasized that knowledge is forefront. Beginning at approximately 1:50 pm in Chicago, “Jason Nightengale is a Black male criminal we know he entered the garage and manufactured a gun and shot a 30-year-old man in the head while sitting in his vehicle,” he said. Brown. That victim died on the spot.

“He went into an apartment building, produced a random firearm, fired, shot a woman and a security guard sitting at the table in the building,” Brown said later. Security guard died. He was shot in the chest. “He was receiving mail in the same building when he shot him in the head,” Brown said. His condition is critical.

He then went to another building and kidnapped a man he knew. “A relative lived in the building.” He pulled a gun on that man but he didn’t shoot him. Nightengale then drove off with the man’s car, Brown said.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, he walked into a Chicago convenience store, announced that there was a robbery, and “shot a 29-year-old man in the head. A random victim. “The man died. He then shot an 81-year-old woman in the back and neck at the grocery store. Listed in critical condition.

At 16:00, he shot a 15-year-old girl sitting in a vehicle driven by her mother. The window shattered and was shot in the head and is in critical condition. “We believe in the same suspect,” said the police chief.

Officers there responded to a firing point call; They learned that Nightengale had entered a retail store, announced a robbery, and shot a female victim in the head at an IHOP. “When I was parked here by IHOP, there was a body shot on the ground here. Witness Israel Lopez witnessed ABC 7, the woman is probably bleeding, as in her mid-40s, ”he said.

Evanston got engaged and shot him. He’s gone now, ”Brown said.

Brown said he returned to the scene after the fourth shot and shot police officers investigating the third Chicago incident.

“With the bravery of @EvanstonPD police officers and the support of @Chicago_Polis officers, a violent criminal and his massacre was stopped.

Nightengale used a different name on Facebook. On the profile picture graphic, it read, “Tiger and lion may be stronger, but the wolf doesn’t play in the circus.”

He posted a picture of the Joker that read, “I’ve become very calm, but I can always go back to my old self.” In another graphic on the Facebook page, there was a man pointing a gun at the head of a woman with a pile of money. Another graphic read, “I’ll shoot you in the chest before I stab you in the back.”

Some of his latest videos are rambling and incomprehensible. “You know this is B ****,” he said over and over in a video released hours before shooting.

She shared pictures of the twins in 2016 and said that they are their children. He wrote on Facebook that he was a “Security Officers Officer” from Chicago, Illinois, who worked as a janitor for a local company, attended Sullivan High School.

She published other pictures with the children.

The University of Chicago tweeted about the student Nightengale was killed. “It was with great sadness that we informed our community tonight that an existing student of the university was shot dead,” the university wrote. “This is very painful news for our community and the South Side neighborhood and we will provide support to those affected.”