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Jasmine Hartin, married to the son of businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft, was socializing with Chief Inspector Henry Jemmott before he was found dead with a bullet in his head on Thursday.

The real estate developer who was arrested in connection with the death has been identified as Jasmine Hartin. Commissioner Williams, an “ emotional ” Hartin, his sleeves and clothes were stained with blood on the pier above the water.

Jasmine is married to 43-year-old British developer Andrew Ashcroft. Andrew’s father, Lord Ashcroft, is a billionaire recognized as one of the UK’s highest profile political donors.

Andrew is the youngest of Lord Ashcroft’s three children from his first marriage and is a Belize citizen with whom he lives and works with Jasmine in San Pedro, the home town of the island of Amergris Caye off the coast of Belize. a popular holiday destination.

Jasmine Hartin Age

She Is 43 Year Old

Jasmine Hartin Arrested, Shooting Of Superintendent Henry Jemmott

First You Need These Facts
  • Jasmine Hartin was arrested in Belize on Friday after the shooting of Chief Inspector Henry Jemmott.
    Hartin, a real estate developer and real estate agent, was reportedly in blood at the time.
  • Jemmott died from a single bullet wound to his head with a service gun.
  • Hartin’s husband is British developer Andrew Ashcroft and the duo work in Belize tourism
  • Ashcroft, 44, is the son of his British billionaire counterpart, Lord Ashcroft, and the family has long-term ties to Belize.
  • Locals said that Hartin refused to cooperate with police until his lawyer arrived.

Hartin is married to 43-year-old British developer Andrew Ashcroft, for whom his billionaire father Lord Ashcroft is one of Britain’s highest-profile political donors.

Lord Ashcroft has long ties with Belize, has a home in the country, and is a Belize citizen with broad business interests.

Jemmott, who joined the police in 2000, was found injured by a single bullet on the right side of his head.

Police commissioner Chester Williams said at a press conference that Jemmott and Ashcroft were socialized on a pier when they were shot and killed. His body was taken out of the water right next to the pier. Jemmott was the commander of the second district in Belize City, the largest city in the Central American country. Prior to that, from 2016-19 he commanded the Coastal Enforcement Unit, an area that included San Pedro.

Williams said Jemmott was on leave to solve what he described as ‘some personal issues’.
Williams said, ‘I didn’t know he was in San Pedro until he said he died last night.

This is a sad situation, and it’s something we, as a department, need to find a way to deal with and do as best we can.

“The police spoke to several people who lived near the scene and will use this information in their investigations.” He said the autopsy would help determine if Jemmott had pulled the trigger himself.

Hartin does not cooperate with the police until his lawyer arrives, The Belizean reports.

In the local media she said she hired former Belize Attorney General Godfrey Smith to represent her.

Smith was spotted on the island Friday morning in footage taken by 7 Belize.

Smith has not yet responded to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.
The incident occurred on a beach near the Grand Caribe Resort, close to Alaia Belize Resort.

Alaia is owned by Hartin’s husband in partnership with Marriott, and it officially opened on May 7.

Hartin works as the Lifestyle and Experience Director at the facility.

“With deep family roots in Belize and for more than 20 years calling this my home, I wanted to make sure Alaia Belize captured the vibrant spirit, genuine hospitality and friendliness of the destination and the local people,” said Andrew Ashcroft.

“My team and I have worked closely with the Marriott International team to bring all this to life and give our future guests and owners the opportunity to immerse themselves in Belize culture.”

Ashcroft is the youngest of Lord Ashcroft’s three children from his first marriage and is a Belize citizen.

He is a former director of British Caribbean Bank and is responsible for financing many high profile real estate developments in Belize and the surrounding areas. Alaia writes on her website: ‘Together with her husband Andrew Ashcroft, Jasmine played an important role in shaping the vision of Alaia Belize from the very beginning.

“His passion for Belize and his appreciation for local nature and culture guides the forces in collaborating with his entire development team in all aspects of the experience, from masterplan and entertainment curation to interiors and social programming.”

Tribute was paid to Chief Inspector Jemmott, known in Belize.

The coast guard, working closely with the country’s police force, was among the first to express its grief.

Deputy Commander Commander Gregory Soberanis wrote to Belize’s chief of police, Chester Williams: ‘His service to his department and country will not be forgotten. Today we mourn his loss, but honor is the duty to serve.

“We feel deepest sympathy for the Belize Coast Guard as we are with the Police Department during this mourning period.”