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Jaquita Chase, (Mother, Children murder suicide) Wiki

Aquita Chase and her children – Danielle Collins, Levenah Countryman and Abigail Heflin – her own mother, Patricia Patrick, died in the murder suicide.

Jaquita Chase, Mother, Childrens Age

Danielle Collins, 7, Levenah Countryman, 10, Abigail Heflin, 12, Jaquita Chase 31, and Patricia Patrick, 61.

Biography & Police Investigation

The five people found dead in the Arkansas home on Christmas Day were family members who died in the murder suicide, officials said this week.

Pope County police responded to a possible murder call shortly after 5:00 pm. On December 25, the sheriff’s department stated in a press release on Saturday. Officers responded to a house where they found five women and girls who were thought to be related to each other dead. Investigators called the incident “an isolated incident” at the time and did not guarantee any known danger to the public.

On Monday, investigators announced that the family died as a result of a murder-suicide. They also revealed the names of the deceased: Danielle Collins, 7, Levenah Countryman, 10, Abigail Heflin, 12, Jaquita Chase 31, and Patricia Patrick, 61. Investigators did not say the person they believed was responsible for the murders.

The exact relationships between the dead were not disclosed by the authorities. However, a GoFundMe page says Chase is the mother of the kids and Patrick is the grandmother. According to Arkansas Online, at least some of the victims were reported to have been shot.

“While all the casualties are heartbreaking, this was particularly tragic,” said Pope County Sheriff Shane Jones in a press release on Monday. pain is not noticeable. ”

Pope County was also the scene of another Christmas murder 33 years ago in which a man named Ronald Gene Simmons killed 16 people, including some of his own relatives. A total of 14 of the 16 victims in this series of murders were members of Simmon’s family, the Associated Press reported in 1987.

A neighbor of the five-man family told Arkansas Online that Friday’s murder-suicide reminded him of the 1987 murders.

“There are many family members and friends who were hurt, horrified and shocked by the events that happened last Christmas Day,” Jones said in a press release of the recent massacres. “As they will need many things in the coming days, we must keep them in our prayers and keep reaching out to offer them any assistance possible