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Who Is James Solages ? Wiki, Bio, Arrest, Accused In Haitian Assassination Plot & More Facts

James Solages Wiki – James Solages Biography

James Solages is an American citizen arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.

The assassins of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse mistakenly claimed to be US DEA agents in the video, which you can watch later in this article. DEA is short for Drug Enforcement Administration. The Washington Post published the news about Solages’ alleged involvement in the incident.

James Solages Accused, Investigation & More Facts

Bocchit Edmond, the Haitian represetative to the United States, told the AP that the assault “was completed by unfamiliar hired soldiers and expert assassins — perfectly tuned,” who professed to be DEA specialists. As indicated by AP, the DEA has a presence in Haiti’s funding to “help the public authority in counternarcotics programs.” Solages Is Among Six People Arrested in the President’s Assassination, Reports Say The Washington Post announced that Solages is a U.S. resident of “Haitian drop” and broke the news that he was captured regarding the death plot.

He was among six individuals captured in the homicide of the president, who was killed at his home by a group of shooters; the president’s significant other was shot and injured.

Different prisoners were depicted distinctly as “outsiders,” as per the Post, which announced that specialists have not delivered any proof to associate Solages or different prisoners to the death.

Solages Wrote That He Was Self-Employed and Living in Fort Lauderdale

On Facebook, Solages composed that he was independently employed, learned at FCC Career College, lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and was from Jacmel. Jacmel is a port town on Haiti’s southern coast. FCC Career College represents Florida Career College.

On April 25, he refreshed his cover photograph to show a shielded vehicle. In 2018, he composed that he was in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, and noted, “THERE’S NOTHING THAT A MAN CAN’T DO.”

In 2016, he stated, “It simply a method, your body don’t mean literally nothing if your mind is vacant. Guness+haitian=power lmao.” He professed to be a “Chief” however didn’t say where. He asserted that he headed off to college to be a “building engineer.” He filled his page with pictures of him in matching suits. His profile picture showed him remaining close to an American banner and the Department of Homeland Security was among his page likes.

He had ties in Pennsylvania in 2007, expressing, “Began New Job at HCR Manor Care. July 26, 2007 — Entertement/Inspiring Acting. Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.”

President Joe Biden told the media before his Marine One Departure on July 7, 2021, “We need significantly more data, yet it’s simply — it’s troubling about the territory of Haiti.”

The police and military were controlling the country’s security in the wake of the death, as per The Associated Press.

The Gunmen Said, ‘This is a DEA Operation..You Guys Better Not Shoot’

Above you can watch a deciphered adaptation of the video from the scene. shared a video that has been seen in excess of multiple times on Twitter and expressed, “Aggressors of Haiti’s leader and his significant other ‘distinguished’ themselves to be specialists with the United States: ‘DEA activity. Everyone remain down. DEA activity.’ Government official thinks the professional killers were soldiers of fortune.” The professional killers were not actually DEA specialists yet are accepted to be hired fighters, as indicated by The Miami Herald. The Herald revealed that the assault happened around 1 a.m. at the president’s private home. A State Department official in the U.S. likewise told the Herald that the professional killers were not actually working for the DEA.

“This is a DEA activity,” it peruses. “You all better not shoot. Try not to take shots at the men. The men are not your adversary. This is an activity. This is an activity – DEA. Everyone go, everyone go. Everyone don’t shoot. You folks better not shoot. Move it folks – continue onward. Folks on the off chance that you don’t leave, the administrators will shoot you in the leg. This is a DEA activity. Folks continue to stroll down. In the event that you don’t continue to stroll down, they will take shots at you.” James Solages is an American resident captured and accused in association of the homicide of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.

The professional killers of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse erroneously professed to be US DEA specialists in the video, which you can observe later in this article. DEA is short for Drug Enforcement Administration. The Washington Post distributed the report about Solages’ supposed inclusion in the episode.

The Herald detailed that one of the shooters communicated in English “with an American intonation.” According to the Herald, the assault included powerful adjusts, drones, a projectile and men wearing dark seen going through the area.

Video from the scene showed intensely outfitted men outside the president’s compound. The shooters talked both Spanish and English, as per the AP. As per the Herald, the president was upheld by the U.S. be that as it may, was reprimanded on different fronts before his passing. Head administrator Claude Joseph has accepted control of Haiti, as indicated by CNN. Joseph said, as indicated by CNN, that “a gathering of unidentified people, some of whom were talking in Spanish” assaulted and killed the president. CNN detailed that the nation was in bedlam even before his passing with a fundamentally outdated Parliament and heightening criminal savagery and a disagreement regarding the end date for the president’s term.


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