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Jake Angeli, a well-known QAnon influencer known as “Q Shaman,” was a central figure in the siege on the Capitol yesterday, transforming into memes and photos with his prominent horned helmet. Angeli took photos behind the Senate rostrum and was seen walking through the Capitol building with a megaphone, her distinctive hat, and face paint in red, white, and blue.

Angeli said she chose the protest outfit to call attention to the Republic of Arizona. She wore a shirtless red, white and blue face paint, horned helmet, and ragged trousers at protests. She said the attention helped spread her message from QAnon.

“The snowball is rolling and getting bigger,” Angeli told the newspaper in February 2020. “We are the mainstream now.”

At the time, he was a central figure in the Trump protest in Phoenix. As the newspaper reported, she held up a ragged sign that read “Q sent me” and asked others in the crowd if they were familiar with QAnon, and nodded some positive in response.

Identified As Key Player in Capitol Protest

Angeli alleged that the Capitol Police allowed her to enter the building, a claim opposed by those present.

“They certainly didn’t just open the barriers, the pro-Trump rebels punched them like they were going to punch the cops, so I started recording, then they pulled back the barricades. Witnessing Marcus DiPaolo’s testimony in an interview with Justin Miller of New York Magazine, if Marcus DiPaolo was outnumbered outright, fighting would be meaningless.

DiPaolo shot a video that circulated widely on social media, and people said it seemed like the police had let protesters cross the barrier.

“No, the barrier was there, the protesters pushed him aside and the police gave up their duties.

DiPaolo continued that senior officers did not provide enough reinforcements “in hopes of avoiding escalating tensions”.

He said early in the protests, about 15 minutes before the breach, the number of police was more than “1 in 100”.

“The cops rushed to the steps to try to make a line with their aspies, overwhelmed and pushed up again,” DiPaolo said.

Angeli was one of those who claimed that the police allowed protesters to enter the Capitol. Adrian Miller of Globe and Mail in Toronto wrote on Twitter: “I spoke with QAnon man Jake Angeli, who entered the Senate room. He said the police eventually stopped trying to stop him and other Trump supporters and let them in. After a while, he politely said that he asked the police to leave without being arrested. “