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A man from Queens accused of murdering his 72-year-old father and attempting to poison three family members. Jaimie Walker,, is accused of murdering his father, Loandows. According to reports, Walker claims that his father “felt the devil” and left “black smoke” on the old man’s body when he was killed. Three relatives – Loandows’ wife Valda Walker, 70 and her son and 29-year-old daughter were found unconscious by the authorities in the same house. Walker is also accused of “possession of weapons.” Walker was detained for a mental evaluation and taken to Queens General Hospital.

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He Is 30 Year Old

Jaimie Walker Accused Investigation Reports

The Sun reported that Walker told researchers that he had a fight with his father over “the presence of demons.” He stabbed his father with scissors after he said that his father hit him in the head with a glass. Walker reportedly also told detectives that “black smoke” entered his body after he left his father’s body. The scissors were found by the police in the aisle, but has yet to be confirmed as a murder weapon. According to the article, the Instagram account named Jaimie Walker / @ jaimiewalker90, believed to belong to the defendants, contains pictures of “women groping with a hammer”. “I’m a Future game and I’m learning how to draw so I can make my own concept art for future games,” she says in the description of the profile. There is no confirmation as to whether or not the arrested Walker has a profile.. The incident prompted the police to be searched, and Joseph Kenny, deputy chief of the NYPD Detective Bureau, spoke of Walker acting “very incoherently” and “how he injured someone inside the flat”. Loandows were found in the bathroom. It was reported that he had stab wounds to his chest and died at the scene. Valda and her children were found on a mattress in the living room – “there were no visible signs of trauma,” but their condition was critical. It was created by the NYPD. All three bottles containing “mysterious liquid” were found at the scene – “they don’t believe it is water, but they don’t know what the liquid is,” told The Sun.There is no confirmation as to whether or not the arrested Walker has a profile. ¬†While neighbors heard “some voices,” Ian Ramsey, a friend of Loandows, said “they knew they were making their chants so they ignored it” and explained that the family often performed hymns for religious purposes. According to reports, police said there was no history of any domestic violence or “other phone calls involving emotionally confused people” from the scene. Another tenant said they were “surprised” by the news and that the Walkers were “a good church-going family.” Sun also reported that Tanya Barrett, identified as the victim’s nephew, spoke to Valda the day before the incident – “How are the children?” I asked and said Barrett, “They’re fine. Jamie is here, on the computer, and in good shape. “This is not like him [Jaimie]. Everyone in the family is asking,” What happened? “