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A Texas woman was found dead by police after she was murdered by her abusive boyfriend on Thursday morning and then fatally shot herself. The incident occurred at around 1:20 am on 2602 Westerland Drive in Houston, according to a report from the city’s police department.

It was announced that victim Itzell Sanchez died on the spot. The identity of the 21-year-old male suspect has not yet been made public.

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24 year old female Found Dead

Itzell Sanchez Murdered Investigation Reports

said the police.

HPD patrol officers found Sanchez near the passenger side of a black Ford Mustang with gunshot wounds after responding to a report of an incident at the scene.

According to the news release, the male suspect was later found in the Mustang’s driver’s seat, with a gunshot wound to the head and a gun in his lap.

HPD reported that the witnesses heard Sanchez’s voice followed by gunfire.

In an interview with ABC 13, Sanchez’s mother, Claudia Sanchez, said that her daughter was in an abusive relationship with the man who killed her.

“He would hit him and make him feel guilty for hitting him,” said Anne. “We kept telling my daughter to stay away from this man, she’s not good.”

Claudia told the news station that Itzell told her mother that she was making peace with her boyfriend, and this disappointed her. Two days later Claudia received a call from HPD about Itzell’s death.

“I saw two people in those black bags and said, ‘Is my daughter in those bags?’ I said, and they said yes, “Claudia remembered crying.

Claudia said Itzell was at a party with her boyfriend before the shooting, and then the two of them came to Itzell’s friend’s house. Later, it was heard that the couple had an argument just before the gunfire.

“[My daughter] had a beautiful smile, and now I’ll never see that smile again,