Heartbreaking final message from mother and her children Indonesian plane before it crashed, More Facts

Indonesian plane before it crashed –  Sad News

When the rescuers detected two black boxes, the heartbreaking last messages of the passengers on the Indonesian plane, which crashed with 62 people at sea, emerged.

Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 departs from Soekarno-Hatta international airport for a 90-minute flight over the Java Sea between Jakarta and Pofntianak in West Kalimantan.

However, at 14:40 – just four minutes after takeoff – the Boeing B737-500 crashed about 10,000 ft in less than 60 seconds, and witnesses claimed they heard two explosions.

Soerjanto Tjahjanto, head of the Indonesian transport security agency, said authorities had found two black boxes at sea and the divers were trying to retrieve them, along with body parts and aircraft wreckage.

Tragic final messages and posts surfaced as we posted photos on the plane before the crash.

Ratih Windania shared a selfie with her three children as the family boarded the plane.

He said: ‘Goodbye family. We are going home for now. ‘

The message was sent just before boarding the plane from the Indonesian capital.

Her brother, Irfansyah Riyanto, shared a photo of the family on Instagram.

He said that his family actually planned a different flight but changed at the last minute.

Like dozens of other desperate relatives, Irfansyah rushed to Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta airport late Saturday. On Sunday he still hoped to get good news about his sister and four other family members on the flight, including his parents.

We feel powerless, but we can wait and hope to get any information, Irfansyah told reporters.

Irfansyah said that her relatives were originally going to take an earlier flight operated by Sriwijaya’s NAM Air unit and did not know why this was changed.

His sister and two children were at the end of a three-week vacation and were traveling 740 km (460 miles) to Pontianak on the western island of Kalimantan.

“I was the one who drove them to the airport, helped them with check-in and luggage … I still feel like I can’t believe it and it happened so quickly,” Irfansyah said.

The police asked families to provide information to help identify the bodies taken, such as dental records and DNA samples.

At the police hospital, co-pilot Diego Mamahit’s brother asked for a blood sample.

“I believe my little brother survived, these are just for the police procedure,” Chris Mamahit said. Diego is a nice guy, we still believe Diego survived.

Mahamit wrote ‘I really love flying’ on his LinkedIn profile.

He and the pilot Afwan, known by a single name, have had nearly twenty years of commercial flight experience between them. Afwan was previously an air force pilot.

“We family still hope good news,” a family member of Afvan, a devout Muslim, told Detik.com.

President Joko Widodo showed sympathy on Sunday.

We do our best to find and save the victims, and we all pray for them to be found, ‘he said.

Panca Widiya Nursanti, a secondary school teacher in Pontianak, was returning after a vacation in her hometown of Tegal in Central Java. In Pontianak, her husband Rafiq Yusuf Al Idrus told about her last meeting with her.

‘I was joking that when we got to Pontianak we would have satay together,’ he said.

He contacted me via Whatsapp at 205 o’clock with laughter. She was already getting on the plane and she said the weather was not good. I said pray a lot, please.

Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said on Sunday that authorities launched a widespread search for the Boeing 737-500 after narrowing the ‘possible location of the crash site’.

“These fragments were found by the SAR team between Lancang Island and Laki Island,” National Search and Rescue Agency Bagus Puruhito said.

The personnel on the Rigel navy ship detected a signal from the crashed plane in accordance with the coordinates of the last contact made by the pilots.

“We immediately commissioned our divers in the navy’s elite unit to determine the find to evacuate the victims,” said Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, Chief of the Air, Indonesian military chief.

Captain EKo Surya Hadi, commander of a local lifeboat, told local television that human remains were found, saying: “We found aircraft body parts, life jackets, avtur (aviation turbine fuel) and wreckage.”