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Imran Ali Rasheed

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Imran Ali Rasheed has been identified as the Texas man who fired a gun at a police officer in the lobby of the Plano Police Department after he killed Lyft driver Isabella Lewis. Authorities say they are now investigating whether the shooting was terrorism-related.

Plano police said Rasheed from Garland, Texas, was shot dead by police responding to gunfire in the lobby. They state that the Plano Police Department is “the largest law enforcement agency in the north Dallas metropolitan area.”

Imran Ali Rasheed Age

He Is 36 Year Old.

Imran Ali Rasheed Suspect Who Fired At Police Officer

Police chief Jeff Bryan said at a press conference that authorities found a note in the Lyft driver’s car that caused police to contact the FBI, Garland, Texas. However, he did not reveal the contents of this note. Matthew J. DeSarno, special agent for the FBI’s Dallas office, said at a press conference that Rasheed “may have been inspired by foreign terrorist organizations to commit these crimes.” DeSarno said he did not want to reveal the name of the organization to attract attention and would not reveal the contents of the memo.

DeSarno, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Dallas office, stressed at a press conference that the investigation is in the early stages, but the FBI’s Joint Counterterrorism Task Force “participated in the investigation to determine what led to the events and whether it was a crime. terrorrist Act.”

“We do not believe that the suspect was assisted or involved in these events by others. However, determining the extent of their relationships and contacts is a top research priority for us.”

Bryan said officials believed Lewis and Rasheed didn’t know each other.

DeSarno said, “We believe he was inspired by the rhetoric or propaganda of a foreign terrorist organization,” and said he did not direct it.

Police Found Lewis’ Body But His Car Was Lost

At a press conference on August 30, 2021, Bryan said that on August 29, the Garland police department responded to a call involving a gunshot wound victim.

They located a deceased victim, identified as 26-year-old Isabella Lewis of Garland. They discovered that the victim’s car was missing. They learned that Lewis was a Lyft driver who had recently picked up a rider who tapped into their notifications to pick up. The police found out that he was Imran Ali Rasheed.

Lewis’ car was later found in the parking lot of the Plano Police Department, where the suspect entered and started shooting at the police. Bryan said the suspect in Plano was also Rasheed.

Authorities Say Rasheed Fired Gun in Plano Police Department Lobby.

On August 29, 2021, according to media advice from the Plano Police Department, at around 12:15 pm on August 29, Plano Police Officers responded to the “Meet a Complainant” incident in front of Plano Police Department Headquarters (909 14th Street). The incident occurred in a black shirt and described a man wearing a mask and acting indecisively.”

Prior to the officers’ arrival, the man, now identified as Rasheed, “went into the Police Department lobby twice; The second time he entered the lobby, he showed a pistol. He then raised his pistol and fired at a plainclothes police officer who was helping a citizen in the lobby.

“The civilian employee and visitor took shelter in a secure room outside the Police Department lobby. Two police officers from the building at that time detained the suspect. The suspect was shot and transported by the Plano Fire Brigade… No police officers or visitors were injured in the incident, except the suspect. This incident is currently being investigated by the Plano Police Personal Crimes Unit and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.”

Plano Police Chief Ed Drain also determined that the attacker in the lobby was Rasheed. He was carrying a semi-automatic pistol. He said the civilian employee tried to defuse the situation, but Rasheed fired towards him. Officers in the building heard shots fired. They made their way to the lobby.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help the Lewis family.

“Dear Bella Ann, it was received very early on the morning of Sunday, August 29. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend who touched the lives of those around her. She leaves behind her mother, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, and a boyfriend,” she writes.

“We are all devastated by her loss and appreciate the depletion of support from her family, friends, and community members. We want to give Bella the memorial she deserves, honor her memory, and say our final goodbyes, and I’m currently asking for donations to cover Bella’s funeral expenses. We need to raise $5,000 to be able to afford it.”
DeSarno said Rasheed was the subject of the Dallas FBI’s counterterrorism investigation from 2010 to 2013.

“All investigative steps have been taken. “I am relieved that the investigation was conducted thoroughly and properly,” he said.

DeSarno said that case was later closed and it was determined that Rasheed did not pose a threat at the time. This investigation was first opened to find out whether he was involved in activities with foreign terrorist organizations and whether he was posing a threat to the public.

Plano’s chief of police said the authorities had no idea why he had come to Plano. They say they have no record of ever having contact with him.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Rasheed had no Texas criminal background. The newspaper reported that he had a car accident in Garland about ten years ago.

Authorities do not believe that Lewis was specifically targeted by Rasheed; They think he ordered a Lyft and killed him when the Lyft driver showed up.