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Hero dad died after diving into ice to save his family dog ​​from frozen water
Tributes rained for the brave 66-year-old father, Iain Morrell, who died trying to save his family pet Simba from the freezing water of Bo’Ness curling pond in Scotland.

A “one in a million” dad tragically died after falling through the ice trying to bravely save his family’s dog from drowning in a frozen curved pool. When 66-year-old Iain Morrell, his own Pet Simba, dies on February 12th.

Emergency services rushed to the scene in Kinniel House, Bo’Ness, Scotland, where Mr. Morrell and his dog were fighting in icy water at 12.36 pm.

EdinburghLive reports that the beloved father fought to save the life of paramedics after his admission to Edinborough Royal Infirmary, but has since died tragically.

Scottish police said the dog was rescued and left in the care of SSPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Scottish Animals).

Mr. Morrell’s heartbroken daughter, Alana Morrell, made a sad moment of silence and mourned the loss of “her best friend” before the next turning point in her life.

Alana recalled her “role model and inspiration” and thanked her for risking her life to save Simba as a sad tribute.

She said: “My best friend daddy, I’ll be your wain forever and my life will never be the same without you. I hope you will be with me at my next crossroads and you know how much I want you there but not the way I hoped.

“I hope I make you proud, and I wish I had one last chance to thank you for everything over the past 20 years (which wasn’t enough).

“You took me once in my life and you never left the edge of the track because you took me to figure skating competitions for more than 5 hours. 20 years of memories that will last a lifetime.

If I could go back to the weekend where we sang our song in the car on the way to school or when you took me swimming and bought a blue slush or banana milkshake from McDonalds, I would do it all again. heart beat.

“There are not enough pages in a book to write everything. You will never truly understand how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and how I wish it to be different.

“You made me who I am today by showing me to never give up and always do my best.

I was really upset that I would never hear your voice again or someone to comfort me with my worries and troubles or save me at 4 am.

I still hope you will walk through that door and shout ‘MAAAA WAIN’. I would do anything in this world for this to happen and I will never let you go again.

“Nobody in this whole universe had a better father than mine. It gave me everything and more. She went above and beyond for me and was the best anyone could want, she was a great role model, an inspiration that I hope she will live in now.

“It will take a long time for us to meet again, but I hope you’re having a ball, you deserve the world.” One last thank you for risking your life to save Simba. I know how much you love him and I hope a part of you lives in him as you love him with all your heart, just as I do. ”

Mourners honored Mr. Morrell for his various online publications describing him as a “gem and a gentleman” and “always laughing and smiling”.

A friend: “A man’s absolute diamond. Unfortunately it will be missed by many.” Said.

Another wrote: “He was one in a million who always laughed and smiled, and he took the time to chat and laugh, and I will always remember him that way.”

A third mourner said: “Iain was a gem and a gentleman. A spokesman for the Scottish police:” At around 12:45 pm on Friday, February 12, 2021, police received a report of a man and a dog in the water at Kinneil Woods Curling Pond. Bo’ness.

The man was removed from the water by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and was later taken to Edinburgh Royal Hospital, where he died. The dog was taken out of the water and left in the care of SSPCA.