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Hussain Ahmed Chaudhry Wiki

Law student has been pictured for the first time since he was stabbed to death after his family was attacked by thieves for the designer jackets he sold online.

Hussain Ahmed Chaudhry was killed in front of his home in Leyton, London on Wednesday night in a fight in which his mother and brother’s hands were cut off with a knife.

His sister, Afia, called him ‘the sun of my life’ for paying tribute to him on social media and wrote: ‘We lost our baby and no pain is comparable. The sunshine of my life. My youngest brother, Huseyin.

‘You radiated light and saw nothing but a smile adorning your face. You worked well, loved well, prayed well.

‘I am a fly martyr with green birds. Will you meet me at the gate of Heaven? I’ll wait for your familiar face. ‘

Hussain Ahmed Chaudhry Age

He Was 18 Year Old.

Hussain Ahmed Chaudhry Stabbed, Killed Investigation

Hussain Ahmed Chaudhry killed in front of his home in Leyton, east London 18-year-old student stabbed in the neck and dies in his mother’s arms The hands of his mother and brother were amputated by the attacker’s knife. The robber was made with a designer jacket that the family sold from home.

Police and their friends say they were selling designer clothes worth a few hundred pounds while the two men tried to steal them.

According to a friend of Huseyin, after stabbing Hussein in the neck, one of the assailants fled through the front door and the other through the kitchen window.

Friends told me that Hüseyin, who will turn 19 in two weeks, has been reselling his luxury clothing since college, and his death could be the result of a deal that went wrong.

The crowdfunding initiated for Hussein’s family raised more than £ 25,000 just two days after the boy’s death.

Metropolitan Police said the victim was officially identified as Chaudhry, and during an autopsy examination on Thursday, the cause of death was hypovolemic shock and a stab wound in the neck.

Huseyin’s sister wrote in an earlier post: ‘My beautiful little brother left this world as it came yesterday, embracing it in my mother’s arms.

He died while defending his family. His eyes were shining, his face was painless, he was at peace. We belong to God and turn to Him. You’re home now baby, see you soon. ‘

Chaudhry’s friend Wahab Ahmed, who created a fundraiser to build a mosque in his memory, described him as an ‘incredibly kind and beautiful spirit’.

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, my dear friend Hussain Chaudhry was tragically taken from this world by protecting his family from thieves. ‘

Huseyin was an incredibly gentle and beautiful soul who always took care of others.

He was a person who always had a smile on his face and was a blessing to society. It will be missed very much. ‘

Detective Chief Inspector Perry Benton urged everyone driving in the area on Wednesday evening to check in-car footage and local residents to check doorbell cameras for any insight into the crime.

He said: ‘A young man died in tragic circumstances and my thoughts are with his family and friends at this terrible time.

“The attack took place on a busy road, during rush hour, and I know a lot of vehicles were passing by at the time of the incident.”

A close friend who went to college with Hüseyin said that one of the assailants lost his shoes while the other left his phone behind.

He said: ‘[Huseyin] used to buy and sell designer items – he has been doing it since college. Someone called him and said he would buy a jacket, but then they tried to steal it.

One ran through the front door and the other through the kitchen window. I think one of his shoes fell off and someone dropped his phone. ‘

The friend added that Huseyin loves football and is a big Manchester United fan.

He said: ‘We went to college together and it was my 3D design and math class.

He was one of the first people I befriended on the first day. I remember sitting across from me and deliberately smiling because I sat next to this girl.

He was a big Manchester United fan, and since I supported Arsenal, we would bet five pounds every time they played.

Two weeks later it was her birthday (April 2) – her whole life was ahead of her and she had just started college.

He was quite quiet and timid, but really friendly. I did not quite understand that he was leaving, as if I was still waiting for him to call me and say we should have his hair cut. ‘

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Whiteman said extra officers will be in the area in the coming days to help reassure the community and listen to residents’ concerns. He said: ‘We are committed to tackling violent crimes and are working with several partners to help us prevent another tragic loss of life.

“You will see extra officers in the area this week and they will use a series of tactics to target those who choose to endanger others by carrying knives.”

DCI Benton said the victim’s mother and brother had serious injuries on their hands.

Speaking at the scene, ‘A fight took place inside the house around 17:20 on Wednesday, March 17, and then it took to the street.

Unfortunately, Hüseyin was fatally stabbed during the incident and his mother and brother were seriously injured in the same incident.

‘These are serious hand injuries – so the mother is still in the hospital, so it’s showing their seriousness. This was really shocking and really impressed the community and obviously the family was ruined.

There is a lot of information circulating on social media, and I want to appeal to people right now not to speculate about those responsible.

We are currently working on the assumption that there are two men involved.

This is a tragedy for the family and my heart falls on them.

I’m sorry for the loss. We do everything we can to identify those responsible and try to bring them to justice. ‘

A neighbor, who did not want to be named, described how the attacker was punched in the face before he took a jacket and ran away.

The bandit was thought to have ordered a taxi before deciding to cross the roofs at 5:20 pm. Reiss Chaudhry said that her nephew died in her mother’s arms after protecting her from the knife.

The blossoming schoolmates for the young said that he was a kind and cheerful person who was good at everything.

After attending Leyton School middle school, he was studying law in his first year at SOAS University in London.

Speaking at the scene, his uncle, Mr. Choudhry, said, “He was just trying to protect his mother. He was a good boy and a very cute boy.

His mother injured his hand badly and his brother was injured, and they are both still in surgery. He was stabbed in the neck and died lying on his mother’s lap. ‘

A witness said that the killer was seen trying to get into a taxi before the pedestrian ran away.

Next door neighbor, Yinka Deinde, saw the killer take a taxi before escaping after stabbing Hussein.

Mr. Deinde said, ‘The killer was in the taxi. I saw the killer in the back of the taxi. The boy, his brother, his mother were outside.

The taxi driver was inside and when I saw the killer running, I went right next to him and said, ‘Where were you taking him?’ I said. Control’.

She said she got this address, so they probably called her out to get away from here.

But he did not take a taxi in the end, he ran away. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. ‘

Since yesterday, flowers have been lined up in front of the young girl’s terraced house.

A 19-year-old woman said: ‘He was a very cheerful, very kindhearted and great family man. He valued his family very much. He had a great aura about him. ‘

Yet another 19-year-old woman said: ‘It was beautiful, funny, affectionate, and good at everything. He had a great personality. In his first year he was studying law at the university. ‘

Scotland Yard said there have been no arrests so far. A cord was placed at the scene, where forensic investigators scanned the area for clues.

According to the neighbors, Hussein’s father has a property business.

A 35-year-old man who did not want to be named tried to save Huseyin after he fell to the ground.

Two nurses returning from the hospital shift initiated CPR on the street before it was announced that the teenager died soon after 18:00.

A neighbor: ‘Who kills this jacket? The family was selling designer jackets online, and two kids came to strip it.

A neighbor: ‘Who kills this jacket? The family was selling designer jackets online, and two kids came to strip it.

Obviously, the family in the house was trying to protect itself. They were defending themselves, but the thief took out a knife.

Someone from the house punched him in the face.

He punched him in the face several times and ran to the other side of Uber and grabbed a jacket and ran away with it.

When he took the jacket, I saw a knife in his right hand, it was pink and stained with blood.

At this point, the deceased boy was standing on the bicycle path. He went in the direction from which the attacker had fled but then stumbled and fell where he was already stabbed.

I tried to keep the pulse of the boy but couldn’t find anything.

His eyes were wide open, he was looking thousands of meters away, and his face was all blood flowing.

Then the two nurses returning from the hospital jumped on him and started doing chest compressions. This is getting out of control in London, that’s ridiculous.

The attacker set out for the warehouse. The police found something on the roof, I think it ran away like this. He jumped off the flat roof at the back.

There are covers on the trash, so I don’t know if they found a knife there. They were investigating this around 12 o’clock last night. ‘

The neighbor added that the family has no ties to gangs. ‘It’s a good family, it’s their family home and it’s not affiliated with any gangs.

They donate a lot of money to the mosque and are a respected family in the Islamic community. One of the sons takes care of the Walthamstow Forest Council. ‘

In its statement about the murder, the local mosque named the victim as part of the Chaudhry family.

In the statement made by Faizan e Islamic mosque, we announce with great sadness and heavy heart that Zahoor Ahmed’s son Hüseyin Ahmed Chaudhry has left this temporary Earth.

“May Allah raise his status, grant him a high status in Cennet-ul-Firdaus, and make his tomb a garden of the Gardens of Eden.

Walthamstow Labor MP Stella Creasey tweeted: ’18-year-old man with a stab wound in his neck.

CPR was performed, but unfortunately it was not successful and life became clear at 6.08. Two family members were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. ‘