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Hunter Chenoweth Wiki – Arrest

An Arkansas man was arrested after being found with a baby allegedly abducted from a home where three people died.

DeQueen’s 22-year-old Hunter Chenoweth was arrested Tuesday night, hours after Madison County lawmakers found the bodies of 51-year-old Tami Lynn Chenoweth; James Stanley McGhee, 59; and their 26-year-old daughter, Cheyene Chenoweth, 26, in a house in southern Huntsville, according to Arkansas State Police.

According to the Facebook post of Tami and James’ church, Cheyene was Tami’s daughter. Deputies answered a call from an unknown person around 17:00. Three deaths were reported in the house that day. During their investigation, authorities learned that a baby was also at the scene and allegedly abducted.

Investigators conducted a statewide search for two vehicles previously found at the scene.

One of the vehicles, the truck, was found by the abandoned State Troops along Interstate 40 in Faulkner County, according to the ASP newsletter.

Road Patrol Division soldiers spotted a van that fits the description of the second crime scene vehicle traveling along Interstate 30 near Benton at 10:10 PM.

In the news release, when the soldiers started a traffic stop, Hunter Chenoweth got out of the vehicle with a rifle and allegedly began “verbally provoking the soldiers”. Eventually, the authorities were able to detain him.

The driver of the van was identified as only a 25-year-old DeQueen woman.

There was also a kidnapped baby under one year old in the vehicle. The baby was unharmed and was later released to the Human Services Department.

The driver was interrogated by the state police and released. According to prison records, Chenoweth was released from the Saline County Detention Center on official charges.

It is not clear how the victims died.


Bodies were found in a house in southwest Huntsville on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Arkansas State Police news release. The victims are 51-year-old Tammie Lynn Chenoweth; James Stanley McGehee, 59; and Cheyenne Chenoweth, 26.

According to a preliminary report from the Madison County prosecutor’s office, Hunter Chenoweth confessed to the murders and told the police that the incident began with an argument between him and his mother Tammie Chenoweth.

Hunter Chenoweth told the police that the argument escalated to the point where his mother pointed a gun at him. According to the report, Hunter Chenoweth said that he shot and killed his mother.

Hunter told the police that Chenoweth stabbed her with her sister Cheyenne, who was in another room after she was shot. In the report, a witness also saw Hunter Chenoweth stab his sister.

According to the report, Hunter Chenoweth said he was waiting for McGehee to come home from work and locked the front door. But when McGehee saw his wife’s body on the floor through a window, “he entered the front door,” referred to Chenoweth in the report.

According to the report, Chenoweth said it was McGehee’s knife and the young man fired “the weapon that killed James by shooting him repeatedly.”

Arkansas State Police launched an investigation into the murders, and the cause of death of the three victims has yet to be determined, according to agency spokesperson Bill Sadler.

“These are rare, so something that will shock every time it happens – and I mean – will always be a shock, especially in a smaller, tight-knit community,” Durrett said.

According to the prosecutor’s report, the Sheriff’s aides were summoned to the Madison County residence to file a complaint against Hunter Chenoweth early Tuesday. However, according to the report, he was not there when lawmakers arrived.

After the bodies were found, the state police began a statewide search for two vehicles that may have been found at the scene earlier that day. Soldiers spotted a blue Dodge caravan on Interstate 30 near Benton at 22:10, matching the description of one of the vehicles headed west.

According to the report, the soldiers pulled the van aside and Hunter Chenoweth came out, armed with a rifle, and “It appeared as if he was provoking the soldiers to shoot him”.

According to the prosecutor’s preliminary report, other provincial soldiers shot Chenoweth behind him with stun guns and arrested him.

Inside the van was a missing baby less than a year old and a 25-year-old De Queen woman. The baby was unharmed and released to the Human Services Department. The woman driving the van was questioned and released, according to the state police.

Police also found another vehicle that was seen in the house on the day of the murders, a black Ford F-150 pickup truck was abandoned in Faulkner County along Interstate 40 near Mayflower.

For Hunter Chenoweth, it is not the first encounter with the law. In February 2020, she was arrested on charges of second-degree domestic violence and endangering the welfare of a third-degree minor. He was also charged with an order not to appear in March.