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Who Is Hope Antonelli? Wiki, Bio, Tells Ninth Graders George Floyd Died Of Heart Attack & More Facts You Need To Know

Hope Antonelli Wiki – Biography

Hope Antonelli is a high school teacher who gave the assignment asking students to “form a bold topic / thematic sentence”. In the assignment, “George Floyd is not dead because (Derek) is on Chauvin’s neck. He died of a heart attack and drug overdose. However, Chauvin was convicted of all three for using excessive force and unable to provide assistance. The arrest is counted by a jury of his colleagues. was on a banknote). ”

Why Hope Antonelli Charged, Investigation

Hope Antonelli was re-appointed from teaching students while investigating a distinctive class assignment regarding Derek Chauvin’s case, Saugerties Central School District.

Inspector Kirk Reinhardt said Thursday morning that the reassignment of the Saugerties High School English teacher was “within the territory of their area of ​​duty”. It does not explain exactly what Antonelli’s new role means.

In a letter he wrote to the community Wednesday evening, Reinhardt said he was investigating the region’s journalism mission.

“The district takes allegations of this nature very seriously and wants to stress that under the policy of the All Students Dignity Act (” DASA “) there are procedures in place to make a complaint or bring any matter of this nature to the attention of the county,” he said. Last week, Antonelli asked students to answer a question in a Regents exam format using phrases such as “open”, “open”, and “open.” The students had to justify their claim with a bold subject and thematic sentence according to the following request:
“George Floyd did not die because Chauvin was in the neck of the series. He died of a heart attack and a drug overdose. However, Chauvin was convicted of all three crimes by a jury of his colleagues for using excessive force and being unable to provide assistance. it was due to the banknote.) ”

Antonelli continued to debate Brandon Mitchell, who was a particular juror, and the validity of his allegations that he did not participate in Black rights protests and could be an impartial jury.
“New evidence has emerged that it cannot show up in your statements,” she said. “Should the Derek Chauvin case be retried because of Brandon Mitchell? Why or why not?”

Reinhardt said on Tuesday that he and other regional officials learned of Antonelli’s request on 7 May when it was brought to their attention by a student who was disturbed by the mission. He did not know how many students or classes the homework was given.

Antonelli declined to comment when reached by phone on Thursday.

Justine Gauckler, mother of three Saugerties students and a two-year member of the diversity committee, said she heard this question from a student assigned to her. Gauckler said he was standing in front of the high school at 7 o’clock every day this week to protest the policy change at the school, and he planned to do so on Friday.

“I am very glad you were expelled,” Gauckler said. “I am not happy that he was assigned. I would like to be suspended and immediately trained on racist prejudice, but that might still be in the work.”

A diversity committee meeting is scheduled at high school at 5:30 pm on Wednesday.

“I hope something will come out of this,” she said.


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