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Harold D. Haulman III ( Erica Shultz Death Topic)

Investigators say the man, who was reported missing earlier this month in connection with the death of the 26-year-old Bloomsburg woman, was the one who told the police where to find her body.

Harold D. WBRE / WYOU reports part of his body in a wooded area of Luzerne County on Sunday.

Haulman, who was temporarily listed, had met Shultz online. According to reports, Shultz, who has autism, was reported missing when he did not come to work on December 6.

As part of the investigation, the police checked his cell phone records, learning that he was in contact with him, Haulman and the records put both phones at his home in Bloomsburg on December 4, then on Interstate 80 both phones went west together. .

Another search warrant for Haulman’s cell phone took him to Battle Creek, Michigan, on Wednesday where they installed a GPS tracking device in his van and then interrogated him. According to reports, after they could not come for a second interview, they followed the monitoring device to his wife’s house in Duncannonnon on Christmas Day.

Then on Saturday, a Norfolk Southern Railroad agent saw Haulman walking along the tracks on Duncananannon, where Haulman said, “I want to kill myself” and “I have to die for my sins,” WBRE / WYOU reports.

Erica Shultz Death Topic

According to reports, he was taken to the hospital and asked for a cell phone with Google Maps and showed the police the location of Shultz’s body near Interstates junction 80 and 81 near Hobbie Road in Butler Town,.death of Erica Shultz, 26

Charges that include homicide have been filed in connection with the disappearance and death of Erica Shultz, 26, of Bloomsburg, who was reported missing Dec. 6

Police Statement (Investigation)

According to reports, Haulman told police that the two of them broke into the forest and hit Shultz about a dozen times with a hammer-type hammer, then stabbed him repeatedly with a kitchen knife. Reports show that he fired the guns from a bridge on the I-80 near Milton and tried to throw his phone into the river as well.

Police searched the area and found his body on Sunday, the same day Haulman was tried for murder, kidnapping and harassment of a body.

According to numerous reports citing police, including those from WOLF-TV, WNEP, and Philly Voice, Harold D. Haulman III, 42, is accused of guilty murder, kidnapping and abusing a body for allegedly murdering Erica Shultz.

Shultz, who has autism, disappeared on December 6th. The remains of the Bloomsburg woman were found on Sunday.

Police said they were able to connect Haulman with Shultz via phone recordings.

Haulman, who was married and temporarily identified by the authorities, met Shultz through a dating app called MeetMe.

Shultz, who was unable to come to work, was reported missing.

The body of a 26-year-old missing woman from Pennsylvania was found in a wooded area of Luzerne County and was taken to her body by the man accused of killing her, authorities said.

Investigators followed Haulman to Michigan, where he was interviewed about Shultz. According to reports, the police also placed a GPS tracker in his vehicle. When he did not come for a second meeting with the police, Pennsylvania was followed up to Duncanannon.

He was detained on Saturday after he was found walking on the train tracks in Duncananannon.

According to the police, Haulman had cut off his own arms with a utility knife and allegedly told the authorities, “I want to kill myself.”

He also said, “I have to die for my sins.”

Haulman was transferred to the hospital. The police then showed the police where they dumped Shultz’s body using Google Maps.

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The police alleged that Haulman told them that he and Shultz had walked into the forest in Butler Town and hit him about a dozen times with a mallet-type hammer. He later said that he had stabbed him with a kitchen knife several times.

At this point, the detectives have not yet been able to identify a possible cause for the gruesome murder.

PEOPLE was unable to determine on Tuesday whether Haulman disputes the charges he faced.

It was also unclear whether he hired a lawyer who could comment on his behalf.