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Recorded in a home surveillance system in North Carolina, the wild animal attack went viral. The man, now identified as Happy Wade, saved his wife Kristi after being attacked by a bobcat in their front yard.

Throwing Bobcat in the front yard has been viewed millions of times on social media. Later it was determined that the bobcat had rabies. Wades received medical treatment and was expected to be fine.

Wild Video Shows Man Throw Bobcat That Attacked His Wife

Throwing Bobcat in the front yard has been viewed millions of times on social media.

The bobcat attack occurred on April 9 in a subdivision in Burgaw, North Carolina. The town is located in Pender County and is part of the Wilmington metropolitan area.

Kristi Wade and her husband Happy were taking their pet cats to the vet that morning, as they explained to WECT-TV. Their home surveillance system includes a camera overlooking the driveway. There were three cars parked in the driveway. Happy Wade is seen saying “good morning” to a running neighbor in the shoot, which is shared on Twitter and has more than 11 million views. He puts a mug on one of the vehicles and moves to place something in the back seat. Seconds later, viewers can hear sounds that sound like a cat’s furious treble. Kristi Wade starts screaming and gets between the two vehicles and still holds the cat carrier.

She told WECT-TV, “When I got out of our garage, I heard a growl in the back or side of our cars and I knew it was a cat because I know what a cat looks like. But it sounded like a very angry cat so I went back to see if I could see what was in the video and when I did this bobcat’s face came to the corner of the car. ”

Bobcat Happy Wade Crawls On Kristi Wade’s Back Before Grabbing The Animal And Throwing It Into The Yard

Bobcat can be seen trying to climb on Kristi Wade’s back. She tried to get between the two vehicles while yelling at her husband to run. She told WECT-TV that she bitten her hand before she raised her bobcat’s back up.

Happy Wade takes the bobcat from his wife. He told the TV channel that he thought the bobcat would bite his wife’s neck if he hesitated for a moment. Happy Wade said that the bobcat managed to bite him several times and said, “Oh my God, it’s a Bobcat!” She said she was yelling. She threw the bobcat into the yard. The video shows the animal somersaults in the air before hitting the ground. However, instead of running away, the bobcat rushed towards the house and got under one of the vehicles. Happy Wade shouted to his wife for attention and shouted that he would shoot the animal using curse. Wades said they immediately realized there was a problem with the Bobcat. Happy Wade said that he has been a hunter all his life and the behavior of this bobcat is not normal.

Law enforcement eventually killed the bobcat. The Pender County Sheriff’s Office announced on social media a few days later that the bobcat had been analyzed at the North Carolina State Laboratory and it was determined that the animal suffered from rabies. The ministry urged pet owners to vaccinate their animals against rabies in case they come into contact with an infected animal.

Wades fired more than 30 shots each to avoid getting rabies. In an interview with WECT-TV, they expressed their gratitude that the bobcat did not attack a child.