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Once the homerun king of Major League Baseball and a civil rights icon remembered for his humility and grace in the face of racism, baseball legend Kank Aaron confirmed that his former team, the Atlanta Braves, died at the age of 86. Describing Harun as “the son of the Deep South, who overcame his poverty and racism to become one of the most important names in American history,” .MLB.com said he died on Friday, January 22, 2021. Hammerin ‘was Hank and one of the best baseball players to live and play last in both the Black and Major Leagues.

Aaron’s courage on the baseball field is matched by Babe Ruth’s “relentless dignity and grace”, which she faced hate and racism while pursuing and ultimately defeating her 714 home run record. Off-the-field community presence is also remembered.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali once called Hank Aaron “the only man I idolized more than myself”, to whom he belonged since 1982.

According to Georgia congressman Andrew Young Hall of Fame: “Hank Aaron has been a model of humility, dignity and quiet competence throughout his long career. He did not seek the admiration for other national athletic heroes, but has now won him over. We’re absolutely ruined by the death of our beloved Hank, ”Braves said in his statement.

“First as a player, then with player development, it has always been a sign for our establishment through community efforts. His incredible talent and determination helped him reach the highest achievements, but he never lost his humble nature. Henry Louis Aaron was not only our icon but also Major League Baseball and a worldwide icon. His success in diamond matched only his commercial success off the pitch and was limited by his extraordinary charitable endeavors. ”

The team declared itself “heartbroken”.

Aaron leaves his wife Billye and their children Gaile, Hank Jr., Lary, Dorinda and CeCe, and their grandchildren behind.

The cause of Aaron’s death has not been disclosed. However, his team revealed that he died peacefully in his sleep.

One of the latest news about Aaron told how proud he was to get a COVID-19 vaccine in early January.

“I was proud to be getting the COVID-19 vaccine earlier today at Morehouse School of Medicine. Hope you do the same! “He wrote on his Twitter page at the time. The last tweet to appear on his page. According to MLB.com, Aaron passed Ruth for a time as the sport’s best homerun shooter of all time. He broke the record at age 40 on April 8, 1974.

According to the site, Aaron played in the Big Leagues for a total of 23 seasons, starting with the Milwaukee Braves. He retired from sports in 1976.

He won several awards during this time: he was All-Star more than two dozen times, was the National League’s Most Valuable Player, and reached an impressive .393 in the World Series for the Atlanta Braves. Aaron “grew up in a humble environment. Mobile took short breaks in the Negro Leagues and minor leagues before settling in the Ala. Braves, going through the sandboxes and eventually becoming one of baseball’s most iconic figures.”

He was the son of Estella and Herbert Aaron, a tavern owner and assistant dry dock boiler maker. According to Biography.com, the couple raised eight children in modest conditions who said they attended a separate high school.

The site recounts how he confronted racial hatred, sometimes in the form of letters and death threats, while tracking homerun records.

Although he did not “ignite” the situation, he also spoke clearly about the injustices Blacks faced, Biography.com, “On the field, Blacks could be super giants. But when our game days are over, it’s the end of the business and we’re back on the bus again.”

Besides his success at Homerun, he was a consistent player. According to the Hall of Fame, he “scored .300 points in 14 hits, 15 times in 30 homes, 90 RBI 16 hits, and received three Golden Glove Awards.”

Although the Homerun record was eventually exceeded, it still holds other records: RBI (2,297) and total bases (6,856).