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Hal Holbrook, who played Mark Twain for over 60 years with Deep Throat, Abraham Lincoln and other iconic characters, dies at the age of 90 Dear actor, passed away Monday night at the age of 95, personal assistant Joyce Cohen, The New York Times.

Holbrook has portrayed writer Mark Twain on stage for over 60 years, won five Emmy Awards and became the oldest man to win an Oscar nomination at the age of 82 for his performance in Into the Wild in 2007. Holbrook was born in Cleveland, Ohio in February 1925 and attended Denison University where he portrayed Mark Twain for the next 60 years for the first time. He was on an honors program about Mark Twain at the university, which made him star in theatrical productions such as the one-man show Mark Twain Tonight, Lady Precious Stream while serving in Newfoundland even while serving in the Army in World War II. Twain’s first solo performance was discovered in 1954 by Ed Sullivan at Lock Haven State Teachers College in Pennsylvania.

Holbrook performed on The Ed Sullivan Show and posed at the national level, and eventually got Mark Twain Tonight on Broadway, winning a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Game in 1966.

He earned his first Emmy nomination a year later when it was presented by CBS and Xerox for Mark Twain Tonight, which led to a career in film and television. He made his debut in 1966 with director Sidney Lumet’s The Group. Bigger roles such as Lieutenant Neil Briggs in Magnum Force and his iconic return as Deep Throat in All the President’s Men.

While continuing to star in both television and film, he became more successful on the small screen and won his first Emmy in 1971 in The Bold Ones: Outstanding Single Performance by An Actor in The Senator.

He won two Emmy Awards in 1974 – Best Actor in a Drama and Actor of the Year – Special – for playing Lloyd Bucher in Pueblo. In 1974, Lincoln won Best Actor in a Limited Series for his role as President Abraham Lincoln and Outstanding Performance. Informative Programming in 1989 for the Alaska division of Portraits of America. Holbrook also starred in hit movies such as The Fog, The Star Chamber, Wall Street, The Firm, Men of Honor, and his last movie Blackway in 2015.