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Nine-year-old British schoolgirl who died on a family vacation in Spain, killed as a result of an allergic reaction after ‘licking’ an ice cream once, an investigation is heard

Nine-year-old British schoolgirl was killed of an allergic reaction after just ‘a sip’ of ice cream during a Spanish family vacation.
Habiba Chishti was on a half term vacation with her family on the Costa del Sol
The nine-year-old boy from West Yorkshire was seriously allergic to peanuts and eggs.
My father said he had assured the investigation seller that the ice cream did not contain hazelnuts.
Habiba fainted at the hotel shortly afterwards and was taken to the Spanish hospital.
Forensic medicine concluded she died of anaphylactic shock that caused her brain to swell.
Nine-year-old Habiba Chishti died while on a half-term vacation in Spain with her family after an allergic reaction to nuts in an ice cream.
Nine-year-old Habiba Chishti died while on a half-term vacation in Spain with her family after an allergic reaction to nuts in an ice cream.
An investigation was heard, a nine-year-old British schoolgirl who died on a Spanish family vacation died of an allergic reaction after ‘licking’ ice cream once.

Habiba Chishti suffered a fatal reaction just hours after arriving on Costa del Sol to take a break with her father, mother and siblings in February 2019.

The ‘gentle’ girl was admitted to the hospital after a suspected anaphylactic shock after eating ice cream.

An investigation at Bradford Coroner’s Court today heard how the tragic high school girl suddenly collapsed while on vacation with her family on February 16. His distraught father, Dr. .

He had asked the seller three times whether the sauce contained nuts, and three times he wasn’t sure.

Habiba suffered from asthma as well as a severe allergy to eggs and nuts, but was ‘good’ to enjoy dairy products like ice cream.

Later that evening, he passed out at the hotel and was taken to Malaga Hospital by ambulance, but the doctors could not save his life.

She died of anaphylactic shock on February 18, two days after suffering a severe allergic reaction to the ingredients of the sauce. The report revealed that his body had deadly doses of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, and pistachios that ‘deprive his brain of oxygen’.

heartbroken father, a doctor on the NHS, said She was “devastated”, despite “all his education” there was nothing he could do to save him.

He told the court that there were no usual symptoms of anaphylactic shock before he suddenly passed out.

West Yorks, Dr. Chishti told the court: ‘Habiba licked it once and was absolutely fine at the time – but that was all it took.

She was fine when we got back [from the ice cream vendor]. But she started to feel good when we got to the restaurant.

We left because we thought She had asthma and went back to the hotel to buy an inhaler.

There were no classical signs of anaphylaxis.

I went to the reception to see if we could get help but I didn’t know there was a serious problem, we get emergency training every year. It’s so scary that we’ve been so educated, but it won’t work if there are no symptoms.

This is mind-blowing. With all the information you get from everything you’ve learned, it sounds like twice as bad. Still very difficult, Doctor Chishti said that they go on family holidays abroad every six months, but now they cannot even go on a weekend getaway in the UK.

He said: ‘It was incredibly difficult.

We have been in different countries with the family, we have never experienced anything like we lived in Spain.

We used to go on vacation every six months to get the kids out, but we’ve been very reluctant since Habiba’s sad loss. Even in the UK.

We don’t even go to Center Parcs. I’m starting to realize that I have to continue for the sake of my other kids, but it’s hard. ‘

Dr Chishti burst into tears when he remembered how his little daughter had called him to participate in good cause and do charity work.

‘Habiba has always asked me to help local charities, I told him I had already done a lot, but I kept asking and saying that I would do more.

She liked to go to school. She was very good she.

I am currently helping a charity in Gambia because Habiba asked me.

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Habiba Chishti was on a half-term holiday in the Costa del Sol with her family
The nine-year-old, from West Yorkshire, was severely allergic to nuts and eggs
Father told inquest vendor assured him that the ice cream did not have nuts in
Habiba collapsed at hotel a short while later and was rushed to Spanish hospital
Coroner ruled she died from anaphylactic shock which caused her brain to swell