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A suspected Capitol riot beat his chest in a letter he sent from his Washington D.C. prison and said, “If it was his duty to overthrow it would undoubtedly be overthrown.”

Jan. Guy Reffitt was nothing more than a satirical way of overthrowing a 6th government in the letter. Ask the Capitol Police for their opinion on how this could happen. They are grateful that there was no real uprising complete with mind, body and soul. ‘

Reffitt, 48, made headlines in late January after he was arrested after calling the police and being charged with threatening to kill his young son for saying he would ‘shoot’ his daughter’s phone if he betrayed his daughter.\

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He Is 48 Year Old

Guy Reffitt Arrest, Investigation & Facts

The prison letter by the Capitol rebel threatening to shoot his own son for calling the police claims that the rebels can ‘overthrow the government’ if they wish.


  • Guy Reffitt, a defendant of the Capitol riot, is Washington D.C. He wrote a letter from his prison.
  • In the letter obtained only by ProPublica, he wrote, ‘If there was a search for overthrow, it would undoubtedly be overthrown.
  • The letter was included in the federal criminal case against Reffitt in its entirety.
  • Reffitt made headlines in January after allegedly threatening to kill his young son for calling the police.
    Reffitt reportedly became obsessed with politics after the work on oil wells dried up during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • He saw the Black Lives Matter as ‘subversive’ and followed closely and believed Donald Trump’s false narrative that the election was fraudulent and stolen.
  • According to court documents, he went to D.C. ‘to protect the country’ and took a gun with him.

He first wrote the letter obtained by ProPublica and has since been included in the criminal case files against the Texan man.

It was signed by ‘1 / 6ers’ without adding any names, and describes the DC prison where he – and dozens of other Capitol rebels are held, as a high-level patriotic atmosphere to which Capitol riot suspects form ties. angrily.
They read the Oath of Allegiance in prison and sing the national anthem ‘all together, loudly and with pride,’ Reffitt said in the letter.

According to Reffitt the ‘1/6’ are not organized and there are no ‘leaders’; it’s just ‘people chatting about things’ because ‘they’re stuck here’.

Reffitt accused ‘overly emotionally isolated individuals’ who wanted to report the violence to the country, according to ProPublica, who was able to briefly talk to Reffitt through text messages with his wife.

“ People are clearly not happy, ” said ProPublica, in response to questions sent through his wife, Reffitt.

Reffitt worked most of his life on oil platforms, but concentrated his political activity when things dried up during the coronavirus outbreak.

He focused on the ‘Black Life Matters’ movement, which he saw as devastating, and carefully followed the false narrative that the election was stolen.

‘Let it ring in your heart, the real reason the clock strikes the clock. We’ve all heard violent ticking in our ears, ‘Reffitt said in the letter. Can not be ignored.

“I hope this was undoubtedly one day in American history, we would feel the need to report to our government that they have committed too many violations.” His family said ProPublic Reffitt became increasingly interested in Three Percent, a decentralized anti-government movement named after the myth that only three percent fought the British in the American Revolution.

After Donald Trump lost the election, Reffitt’s family told ProPublica that he fell in love with Trump’s tweet on December 19: ‘Big protest in D.C. on January 6. Be there, it will be wild! ‘

Reffitt told his family that he went to Washington, D.C., “to protect the country,” and, according to a statement, he brought a gun with him and “attacked the Capitol.”

Footage from that day shows Reffitt wearing a helmet with a camera in front of him. He is also seen in the pictures that look like a blue jacket and bulletproof vest.

According to sworn testimony, FBI agents found an AR-15 rifle and a pistol while searching Reffitt’s home.

The biggest charge he has faced prevents a formal trial that requires a maximum 20-year prison sentence and awaits the start of the trial. He claimed that all three charges he faced were not guilty.

In text messages he sent to his wife last month, Reffitt said he had resigned from Texas Three Percenters.

In their most recent filing, prosecutors added new evidence to their case against Reffitt. They obtained the recording of a January 10 Zoom meeting attended by Reffitt and the other two Percent Trio.

In it, Reffitt allegedly told a US Capitol Police officer that he had helped direct the attack on the Capitol with a .40 caliber pistol at his side, and at one point fired non-lethal bullets at him, ‘Sorry darling. Better get a bigger gun, according to ProPublica.