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Gulafroz Ebtekar

Gulafroz Ebtekar Wiki – Gulafroz Ebtekar Biography

Gulafroz Ebtekar, Afghanistan’s leading female police officer, is on the run in Kabul after being beaten by the Taliban.

Gulafroz Ebtekar turned into the appointee head of criminal examinations in Afghanistan yet is currently on the pursued being severely beaten by the Taliban in the city of Kabul One of Afghanistan’s top ladies cops is on the spat Kabul, escaping from one level to another after she was “ruthlessly beaten” by the Taliban.

Gulafroz Ebtekar, accepted to be 34, had a brilliant ascent to become representative head of criminal examinations in Afghanistan.

As a top Interior Ministry official, she was viewed as a high-profile good example for Afghan ladies under the brought down supportive of Western government, with a notable face in the media.

However, presently she is battling for her life subsequent to being thumped to the ground by Taliban hooligans, and dreading she faces demise, she revealed to Russian paper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

“I went through five evenings at the doors of Kabul air terminal without water or bread, in a downpour of shots and encompassed by the Taliban,” she said. “I saw the demise of kids and ladies.

“I sent messages to the government offices of numerous nations to save myself and my family, yet all without much of any result.”

She currently seems fatalistic with regards to her possibilities with the Taliban following right after her. “I don’t have anything to fear, I have nothing left at any rate,” she said.

The cop told how in the Kabul bedlam she discovered US warriors and accepted they were assisting her with flying abroad with her beau and relatives.

“We got to the evacuee camp where the Americans were positioned,” she said.

“At the point when the American fighters were close, I breathed out, I thought we were at last protected.

“I talk somewhat English.

“I clarified that it was undependable for us to stay in Kabul.

“They actually look at our records. I had my ID, identification, and police testaments with me.

“We were inquired: ‘Where would you like to go?’ I answered: ‘It doesn’t make any difference, to a protected nation where there is a possibility we might endure’.

“They took a gander at me and addressed insolently: ‘Alright’.

“Also, they requested that one warrior show us the way.

“I figured they would accompany us to a plane or give security.”

They initially accompanied her to a packed road where there was a fear based oppressor assault, she said.

“We would not like to leave, then, at that point the fighter raised his weapon: ‘Leave.’

“So we went out onto the street. At that point, I would not like to live any longer.

“I understood that there was nothing human left in individuals, however it was undependable to remain in Afghanistan.”

High-flying Gulafroz had read for an experts degree at a top police institute in Russia, however the Moscow international safe haven additionally declined to assist clearly not wishing with disturbing the Taliban, disclosing to her it was frail since she didn’t have a Russian identification or residency.

She told the paper: “I had longed for changing life in Afghanistan.

“Above all else, with regards to ladies in the police. Also, I did it.

“At the point when I got back to my country, I found a new line of work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and before long got a somewhat elevated place.

“I became Deputy Chief for Criminal Investigations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan.”

In any case, the Taliban flood obliterated her previous lifestyle and her fantasies laid out in broad daylight in March of a significant lift to ladies in the police.

“The circumstance changed in one day,” she said.

She experienced the Taliban viciousness direct at the air terminal, she said.

When she saw American officers “hitting individuals, ladies and kids”, she said.

She left the air terminal and returned home to be told by her mom that the Taliban had come for her while she was out.

She moved to the first of three pads she has used to attempt to avoid the hands of the devotees. Attempting to escape on another excursion to Kabul air terminal the Taliban monitors beat her.

“Every one of their words were joined by blows,” she said.

“At the point when I was hit once more, I was unable to get up, I was unable to say a word.

“The Taliban behaved this way: first they hit, then, at that point permitted you to move.

“You make a couple of strides, and pay for it.

“They beat me with clench hands, boots, weapons and even stones.” It was after this assault that she had searched out the US warriors, yet without much of any result.

Her previous female partners in the police have asked her “what will happen to us” yet she has no answers.

“I talked on TV, stood up on informal communities, battled against fanaticism, psychological oppression, upheld for the privileges of ladies and kids and had faith in awesome for our country,” she said.

“However, my previous life is no more. I can’t say what’s next, how I can live and work.”

A half year prior she was cautioned by the Taliban, she said. “The Taliban thought of me letters in which they said that I ought not work in the police, that I reserved no privilege to announce about ladies’ privileges.

“‘What are ladies’ privileges… .? For what reason do you distribute your photographs on Facebook and Instagram?’, these are the remarks I got from them a year or a half year prior.

“What’s more, presently they are in power.”

She cautioned: “I figure the Taliban won’t ever change. “They won’t concur for a lady to work, partake in open life, and be free.

“At the point when the Taliban came to Kabul 20 years prior, they made similar guarantees as presently for a very long time.

“And afterward they made their own express, their own courts, beat and killed individuals. As far as I might be concerned, this is the most hazardous gathering of fear mongers… .

“Presently my entire family is in incredible hazard, each moment tallies.”.

She said: “I was the primary lady in Afghanistan to move on from a police institute with a graduate degree and stand firm on a high situation…

“After me, around 4,000 Afghan ladies entered police colleges.

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