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Graham William Reid is a former Texas teacher accused of torturing and killing cats in Sugar Land. Reid, 29, was arrested after four kittens were found dead in Fort Bend County on April 28, 2021, according to court documents received by the Heavy. News of the accusations against Reid emerged in May 2021, following a conversation with the Houston Chronicle of his high school students.

Reid is no longer a teacher in the Fort Bend Independent School District, according to a statement from the administrators received by KTRK. He is free on bail pending trial on charges of animal cruelty. Reid and his lawyer could not be reached by Heavy for comment.

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He Is 29 Year Old

Graham William Reid Accused, Investigation

The investigation began after a veterinarian reported to the Fort Bend County animal cruelty task force, according to the KTRK. Police said in court documents that the cats were tortured and beaten with metal objects such as metal rods, cat scratching posts, and metal litter box scoops.

“The animals received injuries such as broken teeth, bloody toes, and cut tails, as well as respiratory problems and other injuries, including broken bones. After visiting local veterinarians, according to court documents, Reid would later say the animals died at home.

The news station adds: “The records add that a vet who stood out to report incidents said ‘(did not add)’ a lot of serious injury cases like this, but it was ‘odd’ for Reid to bring the animals here. If he doesn’t know what really happened in Reid’s house. ”
According to court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle, Graham brought his first cat Cabbage to a veterinarian in November 2020 with injuries such as a broken skull, bruised and bloody lungs, and brain swelling. According to the newspaper report, he told the vet that he accidentally dropped a dumbbell on the cat during training. He later told the police that he had hit the cat with a metal exercise stick and, according to court documents, he would “be angry with the stress of life”. He told the police that he knew the cat was injured, but he did it because he “felt empowered” according to court documents.

Parsnips, the second cat, was brought to another vet with similar injuries by Reid’s ex-girlfriend in January 2021. Court documents show that Reid said his girlfriend said the cat was injured while trying to help the veterinarian Reid out of the tree. According to the Chronicle, Reid later said that he was angry with the police because the cat “wouldn’t do what he was supposed to do,” so he baited him and threw him.

Reid told police that in March 2021, he beat another cat, Carrot, after he jumped out of the kitten’s arms. The fourth cat, Broccoli, was killed two days after Reid brought her home. According to the Chronicle, Reid told police that the cat killed the cat after she defecated outside of the litter box. According to the newspaper’s report, he said he did this because he “needed power” and “lost him”. Reid worked as a geometry teacher at Ridge Point High School in Missouri City, Texas, according to a deleted page on the school’s website. The school is part of Fort Bend ISD. A tweet from June 2020 shows that Reid was hired as a math teacher at the school last year. Details of where he worked were not immediately available before he was hired at Ridge Point.

Fort Bend ISD said in a statement, “We became aware of a disturbing allegation of animal cruelty against a teacher who is no longer working in the Area. We cannot comment further, as the issue involves an ongoing criminal investigation. ”

The school district said, “Please know that the safety and security of our students is our top priority, and we are taking steps to protect the emotional well-being of our students by offering well-trained counselors to the teacher’s former students.” Said.

According to Fort Bend County court records obtained by the Heavy, Reid was charged four times with cruelty to non-livestock animals. Under Texas state law, the charges are third-degree serious crimes.

Reid faces 2 to 10 years in prison for every serious crime if convicted. Reid told police that he killed kittens when he was stressed or angry, and that he was bullied and oppressed as a child, according to KTRK. According to the Houston Chronicle, Reid was arrested on April 28, but the students returned to school on April 29. The students told the newspaper that he did not return to class after that day.

A student whose name is not mentioned in the newspaper told the Chronicle, “I remember coming to class on April 30th and he was not there. Then, two days later, the principal came to the school and said that he had quit for unknown reasons. We have not received any other information from the school since then. ”

The student said, “Really honestly withdrew. There were times when he seemed a little stressed, but he never teased us or raised his voice at any of us. Still, it was very good. He seemed to have invested in his students, which I really liked. It’s shocking to me. He never appeared to have a sadistic personality or behavior. “According to online court records, Reid was released on bail of $ 25,000 the day he was arrested. He is scheduled to appear in the 240th District Court on June 14.

Heavy was unable to reach out to his attorney David S. Hunter to comment on the case. Prosecutors and police also did not make public statements about Reid’s arrest.