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Gary Matthews, 46, was sick for about a week before testing positive.
Shropshire artist ‘Covid denier’ dies alone at home the next day
Matthews was asthmatic and refused to comply with pandemic measures

Gary Matthews, 46, was sick for about a week before testing positive for coronavirus on January 12. According to the Guardian, Shrewsbury died alone at his home in Shropshire the next evening.

Mr. Matthews, who exercises regularly, appears to tell a local conspiracy theorist that he has asthma – but his family suggested that they were unaware of his condition and may have kept a respirator to exempt him from wearing a mask. .

Her heartbroken family insists that Covid-19 does not believe it is real and will not comply with the government’s pandemic measures, including social distancing and mask orders. He was killed by the state, according to the Guardian report. However, no autopsy was done.

Britain recorded more than 100,000 Covid-related deaths, and scientists claimed that victims could be reduced if the government took drastic measures before the pandemic. Tristan Copeland, Mr. Matthews’ cousin, begged him to wear a mask and maintain social distance.

“But he and his friends had the idea that they had to go out and meet people to show they didn’t believe in the government,” he said.

He described Mr. Matthews as ‘quite shy’ and was ‘banished’ by conspiracy theorists he found on Facebook groups. I think these groups gave it to him. He was ripe for adoption and they got him out of the way, ” said Mr Copeland.

About two or three years ago, he was very concerned about the conflict in Syria from a humanitarian perspective.

I think he read a few stories that made him mistrust the media. This eventually led him to some of the climate change denial groups he started sending. Council officials warned that anti-vaccination activists targeting vulnerable people will ‘cost lives’ as they uncover shocking videos of conspiracy theory circulating online.

There are also unproven theories among those shared on WhatsApp, such as that the Covid-19 vaccine is not safe because there is not enough time to test it.

Other false claims include the vaccine that alters the DNA of recipients and the unreliability of manufacturer Pfizer due to past lawsuits against him.

Westminster City Council sent three videos circulating around MailOnline residents – but this website will not publish them to prevent further spread.

One of the videos quotes Dr Andrew Kaufman, forensic psychiatrist from Syracuse, New York: ‘This pandemic is not a true medical pandemic. The Covid-19 vaccine has not been proven to be safe or effective, as there is not enough time. ‘

In addition, Hilde De Smet, a Belgian doctor, adds: ‘Due to the pretext of a global epidemic, the pharmaceutical industry has permission to skip animal experiments.

This means that we humans will become guinea pigs and when we are exposed to new viruses, we may experience serious side effects. ”

A second video titled ‘A reliable vaccine’ tells viewers: ‘It will not be mandatory in the beginning, but given the large orders, a gradual plan will be implemented to persuade and encourage people to receive vaccines and impose restrictions on people not with these embarrassing campaigns. ‘

And a third quote from osteopath Carrie Madej claims vaccines will alter recipients’ DNA – another unfounded claim.

Today, Westminster City Council leader Rachael Robathan denounced people who spread anti-vaxxer material as “peddlers of conspiracy fantasies” that cost their lives.

It also revealed that groups and individuals opposed to the vaccine were deliberately targeting vulnerable residents with print and online anti-corrosion materials.

Ms. Robathan said, “It bothered me a lot to see dangerous narratives about vaccines emerging in our society.

Anti-vaccine propaganda deliberately targets some of our more vulnerable residents through print and social media.

As the death toll increases, peddlers of conspiracy fantasies are trying to prevent those who are hesitant about vaccination from getting vaccinated.

“The community is struggling with local people who oppose the false stories – our job as the council is to reinforce this with the basic facts.”